Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I want it all, BOOM !

Together with adik beradik jual DVD :P

Haven't been doing much lately. I'm just spending my holidays in front of the TV with no mood of doing anything. Have I been studying ? Hell no ! haha. The minute I open my book , my eyes will get all watery and I'll fall asleep. haha.
Since staying home is killing me , I've decided to create my own fun. Cheerleading and dancing in front of Farah. LOL. Changed the channel to 705 Hitz and started dancing. Jumped on the couch pretending like I'm a flyer, throwing my cap imagining that its my pom poms and doing the gayest move no one could imagine. HAHAHA. Farah was so amazed that I have such talent :D haha Cheerleading is such an awesome sport la. If there was a guy team in La Salle , I would definitely join and own all the other groups at cheer comp :P HAHA jk jk . Too bad la , guys nowadays are too poyo and nak sangat control macho. Badget badget je.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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