Friday, August 7, 2009

Lets Recall.

Hello ,

School nowadays are kinda a waste of time. It's either the teachers didn't come , the teachers who came don't teach or getting locked out of our own class and just walk around school. HAHA. Haven't been updating , so let me make a lil summary for yesterday and today aite.

Went school , did a lil work and that's bout it la. Didn't stay back for addmaths extra class since my nose was being a bitch. Kept sneezing every few minutes. So went back home , had a smoke and amazingly all the sneezing went away. Went to school for badminton. Dah bersemangat wanna play but the hall was being used by the form 6's since the ministry made a rule that form 6 students must take part in Koko. So me and Kishan played tennis. From tennis to futsal to volleyball to badminton and lastly ping pong. Badminton was good , played doubles with the teachers. We didn't know where to hide our faces after losing 3 sets. LOL. Went back home and had a good afternoon nap. Woke up and got ready for tuition. That's bout it.

School was like shit. All the 3 people that has the key for our class didn't come which is Mun Fai , Chun Wei and last but not least , the class teacher. Sume dah pandai ponteng eh ? haha. So we just walked around school , lepaked at the porch , Stamford Terrace looking for an empty classroom . Finally , we found a class room at the main block. It looks like sum abandon place . Ugly like shit. The minute we entered the class , everyone noticed the big sign on the wall writing " CINA BABI". HAHAHA. All the teachers didn't teach since most of us left our books in class. Cards it is :) Finally school ended. Thank God ! Venuthan followed me home since both of us were so tempted for a smoke. Then he chawed and I went for prayers. After prayers , went to dropzone for like 20 minutes and went back home. Had a long nap and woke up. Bace buku for like 1 hour and watched tv. They were showing the highlights of Cheer 09 on 8tv.

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