Sunday, August 2, 2009

No suprise

Hey peps ,

So yesterday was our school installation. We the 08/09 board are stepping down . So sad , NOT :) The installation was okay la , the best part was Jeeva beat boxing. Awesome. And owh thanks Giri Rao for putting a pic of me without hair. After all the chunted pictures I took , you took that picture ? haha. So after install, me , Ashton and Christine went back to my place for a while to change. Then went to Ashtons place pulak so that he can change . My god , the jam on the way to Ashtons place mcm babi weyh. Dah la the cab we took smells like fish , then the driver keeps on sneezing. Tsk tsk tsk.

So after Ashton's place , we went straight to Sunway Pyramid kononnye for the Young Enterprise . But we just looked around and lepaked. Noelle is so true la , Sunway is just not our cup of tea. I tried adding lots of sugar pun still tak best. HAHA. Hanged out at Starbucks. Just relaxed there looking at the sky. Then we started telling jokes. Funny like shit la. We were laughing like freaking loud. Kumz started banging Mun Fai like shit weyh , kecik kecik eh :P Its an inside joke. Kesian Mun Fai , when I bang Kumz he will bang Mun Fai back. HAHA. Then we were walking towards the entrance coz Nats sister was already there to fetch us. Then there was this group of people walking with a mascot , and I was like " Its ok , we have our own Coco Crunch mascot with us. Kumaran". haha. All 7 of us cramped in the car. Then there was this police knocking at the window and he was like " Cepat la jalan ! Nie dah la sempit macam sardin. Aku saman kang!". Then we just ignored and drove off. So fucked up and rude owh this people. That's why I'm always agreeing with what Kumz say. So Nat's sister drop us off at Kumz place and from there we walked to my place so that I can drop Farah back home. Yeah rite la kan , Farah nak jalan balik rumah sendiri ? HAHA. We then waited for bus and off to midvalley. Ate dinner and foosed. Ashton chawed and we were joined with Weng Onn , Mark , Luke and sum other guy. Then headed to sum place called ABC in OUG . Ingatkan nak shisha but all the tongs are being used. So me and Kumz felt like we wasted our time going so we chawed since both our mums gave us curfews :)

While walking to the main road so we can get a cab , I saw this homeless dude lying down on the pavement. I realised his body was like shaking and when I was looking at his hand , he was masturbating. Like WTF ?!!! Tepi jalan , in public ! Then I asked kumz to go see and he was like "Babi la , dah la baru makan. He ingat he hitam tak bole nampak. But still can see". HAHAHA. Funny la you kumz. Both of us couldn't get it out of our minds!!! Whats wrong with the world huh ????

Reached home and showered. Owh yeah the screwed up part was at Midv , I went to the toilet coz sakit perut. Then there was this dude that just came out. When I went in , it was like a shit smell perfume. Busuk babi ! and some how the smell kene me. Then all the way I had this shit smell aroma. I was just praying that no shit kene me la -_-

Mata sepet . HAHA

"We shall make history " :)

The fun people to hang out with

It was our 1 month :)

I pun nak jadi red Indian.

Hearts :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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