Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Over my head

At school , we kept talking bout what happened yesterday. Funny shits la . Spent quite some time thinking why didn't I punch his face more then once. LOL. But the conclusion is , I don't like fighting . Its like so not my thing and its just a waste of time. The only reason why I punched his face was because he attacked me first. So its was more like self defense :) He started it , so someone had to put an end to it. And that's how I ended it. Was kinda disappointed he gave me a good target to punch him. I'm lucky it wasn't that hard of a punch la. Imagine if he dropped dead there. And SPM is just around the corner. Die lor ! Dah la teacher was in class LOL. Funny weyh looking at teacher panicking. The minute I saw her reaction trying to stop us , I laughed. I learned that some people couldn't take a joke. Or maybe I've crossed the line, like what Kishan said. Now I'm sort of like in Chun Wei's position with his cousin. Hating myself at times because of my mouth. Owh well , life goes on :)

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