Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hey people,

Its been a long time since Ive last updated my blog. Time is just not on my side lately. Its not like I have been studying but I'm just busy doing other unimportant stuff. My days have been full with Yasmin Ahmad's movie. She is a big contributor to our Film industry. I get really inspired watching her movies. Most of her movies are facts that are happening in our life. For example , how narrow people can be when it comes to races. How certain Malays bond well with the Chinese and the Chinese bond well with the Malays . Some people may call me racist but to think bout it , most of my close friends are Chinese and Indian. Multiracial is the word to describe my friends :) If my dreams of having my very own production really comes true , I would love to make movies like the one and only Yasmin Ahmad's production .

" All lamps are different , but the lights are the same . "

A click on the panic button ? Most of the people who are having major examination this year have already clicked on their panic button. Sadly , I haven't. I have been studying a lil nowadays but not to the maximum level yet. How the hell am I suppose to get to that level when I'm already bored to death at this level ?! I need a really hard slap on the face to make me awake -_-

So I just finished reading Neoh Kakit's blog bout him saying that hes gonna miss school and all. Its the last 3 months for us, form 5 students to study in school :) I am gonna miss my school life. Besides getting sent to the last class by our ex principle Mr Raj and getting sent to MD for being rude to our very own Pn Iris , I really enjoyed it. Lately , we have been doing flashbacks on how we met each other during form 1 and all. Funny weyh ! I'm really gonna miss hanging out with the friends that I see everyday in school , the classroom environment , certain teachers and of course the nicknames I gave you people :) I wonder if we will still be hanging out with each other when we're all old and married. HAHA. I hope we will still keep in touch after Spm and can still play cards like we usually do in class. These are the memories I can tell my children in the future :) So when you people are all rich and successful , don't forget your fat Malay friend here aite ? haha :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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