Sunday, August 16, 2009

Please don't stop the rain

Woke up in the morning for the Sunday morning routine , mengaji. Then did lots of stupid things at home to pass time. I was all bored and restless. I couldn't study , I couldn't do anything. I then decided to go for a jog to get myself together. Called Hazman and Rambo along. Went for a jog at Taman Jaya. Felt good coz its been a long time since I last did something healthy :) Heard some loud music coming from Amcorp Mall. So went there for a while to check it out. Just sum Rempit event going on. Then called Kumz asking whether I can hang out at his house for a while. Going back home was the last thing on my mind. Chilled at Kumz place and played guitar Hero. Berborak-borak till 8pm and called my sister to come pick me up. Went back home , washed up and did a lil reading.

My addiction to Nicotine is getting worse -_- From smoking only when I go to the toilet , I smoke like every half an hour now. A box of 20 can only last me for 2 days . Damn , its time for me to cut down. My target is to smoke a maximum of only 5 sticks a day. Fasting month is coming and I have no idea how am I going to survive ! All I can do is pray :)

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