Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I gotta feeling

Today was hell. 5 periods of Bahasa Melayu before recess. The teacher tibe2 wanna act strict all of a sudden. Maybe coz everyone was taking her as a joke yesterday. Boring as hell ! Then after recess was 4 periods of chemistry. Damn , it was tiring. I was half asleep the whole time. Then teacher suddenly mentioned bout the PSP incident saying that "Their plan was stupid. " HAHAHA :P Ownage ! Then Alan actually thinks that when he shouts "Malek hisap rokok !" loudly in class I would be afraid ? Please la , my parents knows, my friends knows and practically the whole world knows la. So try harder aite ? Let me help you put a big L on your forehead :P HAHA.

While I was online , I saw lots of my old pics in Kakit's facebook page. So funny weyh ! The good old days :)

Cameron Towers :)

Mohawk Era :D haha
With Li Ling

Shivani's Deepavali Open House

My Cina Friend ! At that time , he belum start jual DVD. haha :D

They were playing sum game that I didn't know of. So they were laughing. HAHA

Together with Reshmin , Li Ling and Shivani :D

Shuffling at Cosmic Bowl during ICC games. haha
2nd place yaw !

My Cina friend again. haha

Tanisha :D

Lick them balls. haha

Zaman Counter Strike at MMOR :D

Zaman main Monopoly after PMR. haha

Kakit's photo shoot for sum Canon photography Comp.
Sadly , he didn't win -_-

From Yew Wings Page.
Botak botak botak ! :D

Went back home and slept like freaking long. Woke up , watched TV and online. Am at home alone -_- Farah and Qila went to MidV to watch sum movie , Tiqa and mum went to Kl Central to buy her ticket to go back to college. So here I am blogging. The End :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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