Friday, August 14, 2009

With Arms Wide Open

Thank God its Friday ?

Skipped school today since our class decided to make every Friday a holiday. There is seriously something wrong with me. I keep waking up freaking early on the days that I don't go to school. Watched TV the whole morning . Then got ready for prayers and hung out at Dropzone practically the whole afternoon. Got back home , walked around the house finding for things that I can do -_-
Watched Tarzan 1 on Disney Channel just now. It was fun watching the old childhood movies that I used to watch :)

Yesterday was my uncle's wedding. The decorations were awesome but the food was tasteless. The VIP guest was our ex Prime Minister , Pak Lah. He was there since my grand uncle are like friends with him. Farah was the flower girl and my mum helped welcome the guests . Both my sister and I just stoned there hoping that something fun would happen. The next thing we knew, we were surrounded by unknown old people. I was feeling so uncomfortable looking at the adults smoking here and there. It was like fasting month for me with people eating food in front of me -_- Overall , it was just okay. Didn't have fun coz I don't really "click" with my relatives from this side.
The usual equation ,

When anak-anak Mr Zainal are bored = Take pictures :)

The chunted lighting's

Before the guests arrived.

When the guests have arrived

My mum doesn't have to buy cooking oil since my face is oily enough , LOL :)

Sepet !

More sepets

The two hamsters. HAHAHAHA

Its a wedding I would dream of besides the tasteless food and the unknown old people. HAHA.
But my wedding will be cooler coz there will be a local band performance and the floor is free for people to mosh :D

Congrats Uncle Ben !

A RedzaRox Production :)

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