Monday, September 28, 2009

Went for shooting of the Invigilator . Chris said to meet at the lrt at 8.30 am. But I tersalah dengar. Heard him saying at 9am. So he called me saying everyone was already waiting for me and I was still at home asleep. LOL. Asked my mum to send me there. Got ready cepat-cepat thinking I was already late. But I was the first to arrive. Mcm bodo je. HAHA. As usual , Malaysian timing. They said the shoots gonna start at 10 am but ended up starting at 11.30am.

It was all good. The actors were Cheryl Samad , Tony Yusof and Zahiril Adzim ( Boy from KAMI the movie). They were all friendly :D Siap bole hisap rokok same2 lagi. HAHA. I really loved the experience weyh. Met lots of new people that have experience in the industry. Got few advices from them.

Overall , it was freaking tiring but worth it. The feeling of doing something you really like :D Just have to get over and done with SPM and I'm gonna start build a career in this industry . HAHA.

Bak kata Tony Yusof
This is why you should study hard and dont be an actor like me.

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Tujuh Belas

Went for lunch in the afternoon. Then left home for KL at 5.30 pm. It was Hanisah's suprise party at The Zon KL. I reached KLCC at 5.50pm. Like what Marcus said , the zon is freaking near to KLCC. So ingatkan near , as if walking distance. Asked the Guard for directions and got lost. Walked around looking for tall buildings yang ade tulis The Zon. The next thing I knew , I was already walking towards Ampang Park. WTF ? haha. Went back , and did few more turnings. Tibe2 I saw the building. It was just beside the KLCC park LOL. The party was good. There were like 11 of us. Hung out and enjoyed myself. The best part was when me , Selena and Anyssa were standing at the hall way .Then there were this group of guys who came out from the room next to us dressed up with thick eye liner and sum weird kind of clothes kinda like My Chemical Romance. Their faces were all freaking red as if they were burning and the smell of the weed was freaking strong. Its kinda obvious they were smoking pot. LOL. Then one of the guy was like staring at me from down to up mcm babi. All I could do was just ignore je la. Trust me , you don't wanna mess with people who just smoked weed. There will be no limit to it. haha. Went back in and continued partying :D

The suprise ! :D

The toilet was see thorough -_- HAHA

The birthday girl :D

The couple :D

Bajet bajet sikit la. HAHA

Baring-baring sikit

Comel comel sikit , HAHAHAHAH

That's bout it. Hope you enjoyed it. Thumbs up to Marcus and gang :D

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A z a h

Its been quite sumtime since I've last blogged. So here's and update for the fun stuff I did a few days back :)

Went for Azah's openhouse . Iyas and Zul met up at my place and the four of us went there by cab. It was fun :D Hanging out with the people that I never thought I'll see again. LOL. Just like the old days. Everybody was there except for Rambo , Anis and Fitrah -_- After that , all the guys went to Asia Cafe all dressed up in baju melayu and sampin. HAHAHA. It was like a red carpet entrance, everyone was staring at us. But nak buat ape kan , dah my muke quite tebal. LOL. Few games of foosball and chowed for shisha. Then we called it a nyte since everyone was tired :D

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thank you

Would like to say thank you to those people who wished me yesterday :D The ones who messaged , msn-ed , called , facebook-ed , myspace-ed and also face to face :) Thank you, thank you and thank you ! haha. Knowing that you made an effort to wish had already made me feel good :D For me , birthday has never been such a big thing. It used to be fun celebrating when I was younger but it is all over now. Its has become an ordinary day which shows that your time to live is getting shorter and shorter and shorter. The next thing we know , were celebrating it six feet under . HAHA.

Owh owh , and thank you to the parents for the awesome gift . And thank you to my siblings for the present :DD

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bahama Mama

Today was fun. Went to MidV early to buy movie tickets for my sisters. Then stoned at Brewball for quite sometime waiting for the arrival of Ashton. Walked around. Hung out at Gardens roof top and berborak-borak bout Antichrist. LOL. Was so relaxing la. After learning so much bout it , I finally got to share it with others. HAHAHA. Then Ashton told us the story bout the Lala's gone wild. Kesian owh the fat girl. I shall stand up for fat people now. HAHAHA . After that , went to Tony Romas untuk isikan perut. Tried lots of new kind of drink with weird names. Out of all the different drinks we had , Pina Colada was my fav . Sedap owh :D Then went to Brewball and met up with the gang. Lepak lepak and observed fashion disasters . My eyes almost turned blind looking at them. There was this one guy , he dyed his hair with different brownish colours till he look as if he was wearing a skunk on his head. To think bout it , his hair also looks like sumone yg tengah ceret beret shit all over his hair. HAHA . Met up with my siblings , bought few burgers from Carl's Junior and took a cab home. Reached home , indulged myself with Superstar burger and western barbeque . Its was heaven ! Took a one hour break in between eating the two burgers. HAHA.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

End of Ramadan

Hey people ,

Am back from our annual raya celebration. Was suppose to be in Port Dickson till tomorrow but since there wasn't much to do and everyone was restless , we decided to go back a day earlier.

Reached Port Dickson on Saturday. That day was shitty. The weather was freaking hot and my throat was all dry. Almost died knowing it was only 1 pm. To pass time , watched 90210 season 2 on my sisters laptop. After that , slept for a while. Woke up and went to the bazaar with the family by the beach side. All our plans of doing videos and taking pictures by the beach didn't happen since mood swings and bitchy attitudes sort of took over. So I screwed it and just went there by myself. Damn , I love the beach. They must have done something coz the beach was really clean . Sitting there , staring at the waves and watching a lil boy playing his kite was so relaxing. Felt like just lying down there and have a cigarette :D Chowed and went back to the apartment.

Raya day was okay. Woke up early and went to the mosque with my dad. Then went back home and the forgiving session took place. Headed to my grandma's grave and met up with the aunties and uncles and their kids. After that , konvoi-ed to grandpa's place in Linggi . After spending time with grandpa , we went to sum other uncles place which is near by. The food was awesome ! He served us lamb chop on hari raya. LOL Yummeyh ! :D Then headed to Seremban to the family house. I ate like gile babi banyak.

Ape lagi kalo bukan
A RedzaRox Production.

The siblings minus Farah -_-

Zainal no. 1 = Nor Aqila

Zainal no. 2 = Nor Afiqah

Zainal no. 3 = Nor Atiqah

Finally the Zainals :D

My uncle got us a new toy to play with ! HAHAHA.

I just have a thing for babies :)
So cute weyh , mcm alien ! HAHAHA :D

I just love the feeling of holding a baby :D

That's a summary of our first day. Malas nak huraikan. Too long. HAHA.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yay yay Duit Raya

So this is gonna be my last post till Raya. Am going back to Port Dickson tomorrow morning and will be back on Tuesday. So don't miss me aite :P HAHA. Its 1.30 am and I still haven't packed shit. My raya this year is just gonna be a pretty simple one. As usual , my family ain't a big fan of having open houses. Sorry. If not, dah lame I ajak you people. But my mum is too tired. So Raya is the only time kite, anak-anak Mr Zainal stop bullying her :D HAHAHA.

Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin !

Would like to give you my deepest apology if I had done bad things which I'm pretty sure I have. LOL. So this is the time to forgive and forget aite ? Collect as much duit raya and slow down on the cholesterols okay ? Have a safe trip and take care aite :D

Ikhlas from ,
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Apa nya tok ? HAHA

So the holidays have started and I feel like SPM is already over. LOL. Watched TV , online 24/7 , Dvds and documentaries on youtube.

My sister bought the movie Dance Flick. Gile babi funny weyh ! HAHA. Its a combination of all the dance movies with a lil humour & a whole lot of exagerration added to it. You got served , step up , Hairspray , HighSchool Musical , Enchanted and lots more la. Watch watch watch ! :D

Then I finally got to watch Hannah Montana the movie till the end. Its sort of a chick flick but I liked it :D Best giler !

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Hello !

Long time no see :D Haven't got the mood to blog lately. But since the holidays are here , I shall make time for blogging.

Have you guys heard of The Arrival Of the AntiChrist or The Dajjal according to the Muslims ? This belief is really interesting . Spent hours watching documentaries after documentaries while waiting for buka puasa. I learned a lot bout it. The arrival of the AntiChrist is a sign of the end of the world. Where the beast will appear from the ground and rule the world. It will kill all humans that believe in god. Watching the documentaries gave me goose bumps. Somehow , I find it really interesting weyh.

It is said that its arrival on earth is already here since civilization. All the wars that have happened , the luxuries of the world and the number of people that have stopped believing in god is all its doing. There are lots of signs shown of its arrival. For example the sept 11 incident , the natural disasters and many more. Scary kan ? I don't know whether to believe it or not. Everything that happened through out history seems like it is all planned by it. I do believe about the arrival of the Dajjal , but I'm clueless bout the coincidence of its sign. Well , I'll just let you people think bout it :D

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So Modmaths was today. The paper was okay la. Paper 2 was first. Before we did the paper , teacher asked us to check the paper whether all pages are printed and I did. So during recess we were talking bout the questions and I realized that my stupid exam paper kurang 1 page. Like WTF ! 11 marks gone just like that. Out of 28 guys in my class , I'm the unlucky one -_- And Mun Fai was like "Why didn't you just take my paper. Bukannye I buat pun". Shit ! haha.

After school went to dropzone with Ashton , Darren and Mun Fai. Was joined with Jon and Chris. After a few games of foosball , went to the libary to do a lil of addmtahs. Owh Gomez gonna start bangga la coz he won 5-0. Yeah ! Tak malu or marah la :P The libary was freaking cold. After libary , went back to dropzone. Lepaked there till 6 pm and chowed home.

A new line people use towards me "Ade msg la , malas la. Pg tidur". HAHAHAHAHAHA. Creative idiots. LOL :D This 3rd week of exam is just plain Lazyness !

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Monday, September 14, 2009

It's alright

As I expected , physics was like shit ! haha. Well , that's what I get for not studying :D Went back home after school. I was feeling like so freaking weak. With the hot weather and all. So lied down in front of the TV and on-ed the fan with full speed. Then suddenly the stupid fan stopped. Dah la tgh panas gile babi. Got up to switch it on but still tak boleh. So I screwed it and just wanted to go to sleep. On the way walking towards the couch , my eyes started to black out. All I see was black shits and my body was like falling everywhere. It was like a dream. Felt like I was sleeping and drinking water. When I finally got up to open my eyes , I was on the floor lying down with my tongue out from my mouth sort of licking the floor. My elbow , knee and head hurt like shit. Looks like I terpengsan and knocked my head at the side table . My elbow and knee pun like sakit gile.

The stupid thing was , when I was all conscious from fainting , stupid Farah was just staring at me. So bodoh weyh ! Boleh pulak just watch. Bukan nak tolong ! Stupid idiot. HAHA. Wait la , when she faint one day , I'll just give one hard slap on her face. HAHA :P

Its like so easy for me to faint during puasa. It became like my daily routine. LOL. Its either I drop on the floor , or knock my head while falling or my eyes will just see black shit and I'll fall down. This what happens to me when I'm weak. haha. 2mrw Mod maths , mati ! Thanks a lot Mr Ang muke babi mcm nak kene pijak for teaching us and making us so ready for 2mrw's exam :)

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A Poro Dolor

Die physics die ! Woke up in the morning for sahor. Semangat to study , but its physics -_- Online it is ! I'm just too lazy. Smoking and listening to loud music calms me down. Awake early in the morning by myself , finishing half a box , onlining and updating. Schools starting in 30 minutes , Raya is in 7 days , SPM is in 2 months and I'm gonna die in 20 years ? LOL :D

To the girl sitting behind me during danceoff , I wanna know you ! :)

I've been roaming around
Always looking down at all I see
Painted faces, fill the places I cant reach

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Nothing else I can say

Hello ! :D

Haven't updated for 1 week. haha. Trials ma ! Kene ah belakon belajar sikit. HAHA. Overall , I think it was okay. Most of the papers were challenging. Especially English and Agama. These two papers have always been and tibe-tibe it became hard for trials. So mengejutkan ! LOL. The English essay la , I stoned for like 15 minutes trying different essays thinking which to choose -_- and for agama , it suddenly became like sum sejarah paper. Banyak gile questions bout all the tokoh. Grrr ! Chemistry and Biology was expected to be hard la. But I find it kinda okay. For my standard , I believe I made progress . There's like a lil hope for me to pass it :D Sejarah was seriously unexpected la. They gave questions that you don't even expect. Entah dari celah mane buke teks. I hope what I have done is good enough la. Now there's only physics, addmaths , modmaths and all the paper 3 for the science subs. All the kira-kira subjects -_-

Today was so freaking tiring ! Slept at 5am yesterday watching tv , online sikit and bace sejarah. Was just about to close my eyes , then bloody Farah dah knock at my door asking me to get up. HAHA. Babi ! Then after the long day at school , went straight to dropzone with Gomez. The bus was full giler . I had to stand at the stairs of the bus where the door is. Dah la the door was open the whole way. All I could do was to hole the pole kuat-kuat so I wouldn't fall out of the bus.

Skipped sembahyang and foosed. Since there was like 10 of us , we decided to buat a lil doubles tournament. haha. Was fun weyh. It was like a knock out round thingy. I teamed up with the very badget2 Aiman. LOL. Our first match was against the stupid shit Tinesh yang ingat he Pro. I scored the first goal buat pull shot and it went in angle. And the idiot was like "Cheap shoot ! " and I was like " Mak cik ko la ! ". Then he scored one with his freaking lame front pin. The annoying thing is , when he dah score kan , he'll buat muke macam sum babi. With anger taking over my body , instead of going to him and whack him , I gave him 4 power snake shot. Pam pam pam ! Dengan semangatnye , I said "Next team ! " loudly :P 5-1 babeyh ! The feeling of winning was awesome. Lagi2 when you beat a person that you feel like kicking his face every time you see him. haha.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh baby baby , my baby :D

So cute kan ? Macam nak gigit je. HAHA :D

Have you ever woke up in the morning , Thinking what kind of person you'll turn out to be in the future , Imagining yourself playing with your cute babies , Kissing them and loving them more than anything, And putting a big chop on their fore head saying "A RedzaRox Production".

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ! Random gile kan ? Well this is just what I think about when I'm bored :D

Kate-kate hikmah from Hallmark Channel ,

Live your life with no regret , Love your life :)

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Feel This

Hello ,

I hate weekends weyh. Waking up planning to study but at the end of the day when I'm all tired and falling asleep , & I realize I haven't even laid a finger on my books. The only time I can actually REALLY study is during the weekdays. Moreover, knowing that I've got a paper the day after. Babi ! This has got to stop weyh. Hope after this raya holiday I can go all out la. All out, in terms of studying of course. So far , for trials I have only gave like, what, 40 % ? Pffffft -_-

Today is another boring day. Woke up kinda late then watched TV and slept again in front of the TV. Woke up and there was 1 hour left to buka puasa. LOL. Macam babi en ? Sleep , watch TV , sleep and eat. Trials have already started and I'm acting as if its just a normal monthly exam. I guess I'll just have to say goodbye to my chances for the January intake.

Tomorrow is the BM paper followed by English , Agama and Sejarah the following day. Cepat la habis trials ! Then Yay yay , duit raya ! LOL.

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Make a hole !

Damn ! I freaking want a piercing on my lip la. So gonna get one after SPM. For the fun of it la. My plan is to like wear it for a minimum of 1 year and then let the hole to close after that coz according to my religion "Boys who have piercings cannot be the "Wali" when anyone of their family members get married ". So yeah :D Took my sister's ear ring yang she dah tak guna and turned it into a fake lip ring. haha.

Any of your opinions ? LOL . Its not like I care pun what people say kan ? haha.

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Zaman when KL used to be our second home. HAHA. Those days are over !

Hey :D

Dah lame gile tak blog. haha. Have been busy playing FarmVille on facebook. Best weyh ! :D So lets have a recap on the past few days.

Trials began with Chemistry as the first paper.Paper 2 was okay. Could do some of the questions. Paper 1 was hell. I just finished 20 questions and there was like 10 minutes left. Panic macam babi ! So I decided to tembak the rest -_- My target is just to pass the frigging paper. If I get a D pun I'll be so happy. So lets just pray I'll pass aite :D HAHA

Biology paper. It was okay la. We started out with paper 2. I couldn't do shits except for the bones part. LOL. I'm kinda lucky. At least I could do what I do best in section B which is to crap every single shit I know. haha. It was the first time I actually studied for Bio exam and I felt it was a waste of time. Bukan nye kluar pun what I studied. haha. Paper 1 was okay. Harap2 boleh at least get a C or pass it :D

Woke up , stoned like an idiot. Regretted for not smoking and drinking lots of water during sahor. haha.Then the parents ajak me follow them to Tesco beside Curve. So ikut je la since it's a way to past time. Went there and bought every single shit that I felt like buying. My mum pun tibe2 macam baik hati suruh take je what ever I want LOL. It's a once in a blue moon opportunity :)

Nie Farah punye keje la. There's more , but malas je . HAHA

Went back home and lepak2. Since my dad was home , its like a must to go to the bazaar Ramadan . Ikut je la kan ? haha. Section 14 then to section 16. Damn , i hate going to section 16. Its like a place for all the narrow minded people to pegi berniaga. LOL. So I was wearing shorts , a purple t shirt , shades since it was sunny and my usual mohawk. Then this kampung looking rempit selling drinks shouted

" Ah adik yang rambut tegak tue , kalo nak tegakkan rambut lagi datang beli air ".

I was like wtf weyh ? Dah la keje jual air then nak comment bout me ? Just because I dont have the shit ugly face look like him nak cari pasal la ? LOL Bak kata Aaron "E for ugly". HAHA . So as an educated individual , I just gave him the pandang slack look and walked away. Haish because of these kind of people , our standards are dropping -_-

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trials are here

SPM trials are starting tomorrow. Skipped school today ingatkan nak study. But ended up sleeping like a pig. LOL. Habis ah !
Good Luck people !! :D

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My sister showed me this video. I want you guys to watch this video. Its freaking awesome ! haha.

Its a wedding I would imagine of having la. Best babi kan ? :D
Its like so cool weyh. Takpe takpe , my time will come soon.

Owh yeah , then sum people go and buat a video showing how it is gonna be when they divorce LOL. Funny weyh.

Watch it ! I keep watching this video over and over again and still laugh. haha :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

Final Destination 4

Final Destination was good. The minute we reached One Utama , it was already time to buka puasa. haha. So makan dulu and lepaked for a while since the movie was at 9pm. Then followed my sister line up to get the tickets she won. The line was full of bloggers weyh . With their big camera , taking a group photo and nampak sangat their gonna blog bout it when they get back home LOL. It was like a bloggers Reunion since the competition was hosted by Nuffnang kan. haha.

The movie was good. Kinda predictable but was okay. You should watch it , its in 3D :D It was a 1 hour 30 minutes movie. Ended at 10.30 pm and we straight went home coz dah penat. Overall , it was good :)

Tickets and badges :)

Lepas Buka mesti merokok. HAHA

The sister :D

Dah ready nak rompak bank :D haha

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bawang Goreng bawah ketiak ?

See my hair , macam orang Jepun owh -_- Takpe , gang with Mun Fai penyanyi Hong Kong.

Hey :D

Went to school. Felt so damn sleepy coz have been sleeping really late for the holidays. So tak biasa lagi. School was okay , gelak-gelak , played our last game of tin can before trials and thats bout it. Owh yeah , Aaron nye new phone best babi ! Me and Kishan became so Kampung for a few minutes playing with his phone. haha. Awesome la. Then I helped Aaron become sum joker in Chemistry class. LOL. Coz Me and the chemistry teacher macam dont really get along la. So if I buat lawak sure I'll kene marah. So when I nak buat lawak , I'll ask Aaron to say it for me since the teacher likes him. HAHAHAHAHA. See Aaron , I helped you become someone funny LOL. No problem Noelle , anytime. HAHA :P

Nothing much happened today. I balik je rumah , terus tidur till like 5pm. haha. Damn penat -_- Now I'm getting ready to head to One Utama for the movie. So see yeah :D

A RedzaRox Production :)