Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bahama Mama

Today was fun. Went to MidV early to buy movie tickets for my sisters. Then stoned at Brewball for quite sometime waiting for the arrival of Ashton. Walked around. Hung out at Gardens roof top and berborak-borak bout Antichrist. LOL. Was so relaxing la. After learning so much bout it , I finally got to share it with others. HAHAHA. Then Ashton told us the story bout the Lala's gone wild. Kesian owh the fat girl. I shall stand up for fat people now. HAHAHA . After that , went to Tony Romas untuk isikan perut. Tried lots of new kind of drink with weird names. Out of all the different drinks we had , Pina Colada was my fav . Sedap owh :D Then went to Brewball and met up with the gang. Lepak lepak and observed fashion disasters . My eyes almost turned blind looking at them. There was this one guy , he dyed his hair with different brownish colours till he look as if he was wearing a skunk on his head. To think bout it , his hair also looks like sumone yg tengah ceret beret shit all over his hair. HAHA . Met up with my siblings , bought few burgers from Carl's Junior and took a cab home. Reached home , indulged myself with Superstar burger and western barbeque . Its was heaven ! Took a one hour break in between eating the two burgers. HAHA.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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