Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bawang Goreng bawah ketiak ?

See my hair , macam orang Jepun owh -_- Takpe , gang with Mun Fai penyanyi Hong Kong.

Hey :D

Went to school. Felt so damn sleepy coz have been sleeping really late for the holidays. So tak biasa lagi. School was okay , gelak-gelak , played our last game of tin can before trials and thats bout it. Owh yeah , Aaron nye new phone best babi ! Me and Kishan became so Kampung for a few minutes playing with his phone. haha. Awesome la. Then I helped Aaron become sum joker in Chemistry class. LOL. Coz Me and the chemistry teacher macam dont really get along la. So if I buat lawak sure I'll kene marah. So when I nak buat lawak , I'll ask Aaron to say it for me since the teacher likes him. HAHAHAHAHA. See Aaron , I helped you become someone funny LOL. No problem Noelle , anytime. HAHA :P

Nothing much happened today. I balik je rumah , terus tidur till like 5pm. haha. Damn penat -_- Now I'm getting ready to head to One Utama for the movie. So see yeah :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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