Monday, September 21, 2009

End of Ramadan

Hey people ,

Am back from our annual raya celebration. Was suppose to be in Port Dickson till tomorrow but since there wasn't much to do and everyone was restless , we decided to go back a day earlier.

Reached Port Dickson on Saturday. That day was shitty. The weather was freaking hot and my throat was all dry. Almost died knowing it was only 1 pm. To pass time , watched 90210 season 2 on my sisters laptop. After that , slept for a while. Woke up and went to the bazaar with the family by the beach side. All our plans of doing videos and taking pictures by the beach didn't happen since mood swings and bitchy attitudes sort of took over. So I screwed it and just went there by myself. Damn , I love the beach. They must have done something coz the beach was really clean . Sitting there , staring at the waves and watching a lil boy playing his kite was so relaxing. Felt like just lying down there and have a cigarette :D Chowed and went back to the apartment.

Raya day was okay. Woke up early and went to the mosque with my dad. Then went back home and the forgiving session took place. Headed to my grandma's grave and met up with the aunties and uncles and their kids. After that , konvoi-ed to grandpa's place in Linggi . After spending time with grandpa , we went to sum other uncles place which is near by. The food was awesome ! He served us lamb chop on hari raya. LOL Yummeyh ! :D Then headed to Seremban to the family house. I ate like gile babi banyak.

Ape lagi kalo bukan
A RedzaRox Production.

The siblings minus Farah -_-

Zainal no. 1 = Nor Aqila

Zainal no. 2 = Nor Afiqah

Zainal no. 3 = Nor Atiqah

Finally the Zainals :D

My uncle got us a new toy to play with ! HAHAHA.

I just have a thing for babies :)
So cute weyh , mcm alien ! HAHAHA :D

I just love the feeling of holding a baby :D

That's a summary of our first day. Malas nak huraikan. Too long. HAHA.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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