Monday, September 7, 2009

Feel This

Hello ,

I hate weekends weyh. Waking up planning to study but at the end of the day when I'm all tired and falling asleep , & I realize I haven't even laid a finger on my books. The only time I can actually REALLY study is during the weekdays. Moreover, knowing that I've got a paper the day after. Babi ! This has got to stop weyh. Hope after this raya holiday I can go all out la. All out, in terms of studying of course. So far , for trials I have only gave like, what, 40 % ? Pffffft -_-

Today is another boring day. Woke up kinda late then watched TV and slept again in front of the TV. Woke up and there was 1 hour left to buka puasa. LOL. Macam babi en ? Sleep , watch TV , sleep and eat. Trials have already started and I'm acting as if its just a normal monthly exam. I guess I'll just have to say goodbye to my chances for the January intake.

Tomorrow is the BM paper followed by English , Agama and Sejarah the following day. Cepat la habis trials ! Then Yay yay , duit raya ! LOL.

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