Monday, September 7, 2009


Zaman when KL used to be our second home. HAHA. Those days are over !

Hey :D

Dah lame gile tak blog. haha. Have been busy playing FarmVille on facebook. Best weyh ! :D So lets have a recap on the past few days.

Trials began with Chemistry as the first paper.Paper 2 was okay. Could do some of the questions. Paper 1 was hell. I just finished 20 questions and there was like 10 minutes left. Panic macam babi ! So I decided to tembak the rest -_- My target is just to pass the frigging paper. If I get a D pun I'll be so happy. So lets just pray I'll pass aite :D HAHA

Biology paper. It was okay la. We started out with paper 2. I couldn't do shits except for the bones part. LOL. I'm kinda lucky. At least I could do what I do best in section B which is to crap every single shit I know. haha. It was the first time I actually studied for Bio exam and I felt it was a waste of time. Bukan nye kluar pun what I studied. haha. Paper 1 was okay. Harap2 boleh at least get a C or pass it :D

Woke up , stoned like an idiot. Regretted for not smoking and drinking lots of water during sahor. haha.Then the parents ajak me follow them to Tesco beside Curve. So ikut je la since it's a way to past time. Went there and bought every single shit that I felt like buying. My mum pun tibe2 macam baik hati suruh take je what ever I want LOL. It's a once in a blue moon opportunity :)

Nie Farah punye keje la. There's more , but malas je . HAHA

Went back home and lepak2. Since my dad was home , its like a must to go to the bazaar Ramadan . Ikut je la kan ? haha. Section 14 then to section 16. Damn , i hate going to section 16. Its like a place for all the narrow minded people to pegi berniaga. LOL. So I was wearing shorts , a purple t shirt , shades since it was sunny and my usual mohawk. Then this kampung looking rempit selling drinks shouted

" Ah adik yang rambut tegak tue , kalo nak tegakkan rambut lagi datang beli air ".

I was like wtf weyh ? Dah la keje jual air then nak comment bout me ? Just because I dont have the shit ugly face look like him nak cari pasal la ? LOL Bak kata Aaron "E for ugly". HAHA . So as an educated individual , I just gave him the pandang slack look and walked away. Haish because of these kind of people , our standards are dropping -_-

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