Monday, September 14, 2009

It's alright

As I expected , physics was like shit ! haha. Well , that's what I get for not studying :D Went back home after school. I was feeling like so freaking weak. With the hot weather and all. So lied down in front of the TV and on-ed the fan with full speed. Then suddenly the stupid fan stopped. Dah la tgh panas gile babi. Got up to switch it on but still tak boleh. So I screwed it and just wanted to go to sleep. On the way walking towards the couch , my eyes started to black out. All I see was black shits and my body was like falling everywhere. It was like a dream. Felt like I was sleeping and drinking water. When I finally got up to open my eyes , I was on the floor lying down with my tongue out from my mouth sort of licking the floor. My elbow , knee and head hurt like shit. Looks like I terpengsan and knocked my head at the side table . My elbow and knee pun like sakit gile.

The stupid thing was , when I was all conscious from fainting , stupid Farah was just staring at me. So bodoh weyh ! Boleh pulak just watch. Bukan nak tolong ! Stupid idiot. HAHA. Wait la , when she faint one day , I'll just give one hard slap on her face. HAHA :P

Its like so easy for me to faint during puasa. It became like my daily routine. LOL. Its either I drop on the floor , or knock my head while falling or my eyes will just see black shit and I'll fall down. This what happens to me when I'm weak. haha. 2mrw Mod maths , mati ! Thanks a lot Mr Ang muke babi mcm nak kene pijak for teaching us and making us so ready for 2mrw's exam :)

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