Friday, September 11, 2009

Nothing else I can say

Hello ! :D

Haven't updated for 1 week. haha. Trials ma ! Kene ah belakon belajar sikit. HAHA. Overall , I think it was okay. Most of the papers were challenging. Especially English and Agama. These two papers have always been and tibe-tibe it became hard for trials. So mengejutkan ! LOL. The English essay la , I stoned for like 15 minutes trying different essays thinking which to choose -_- and for agama , it suddenly became like sum sejarah paper. Banyak gile questions bout all the tokoh. Grrr ! Chemistry and Biology was expected to be hard la. But I find it kinda okay. For my standard , I believe I made progress . There's like a lil hope for me to pass it :D Sejarah was seriously unexpected la. They gave questions that you don't even expect. Entah dari celah mane buke teks. I hope what I have done is good enough la. Now there's only physics, addmaths , modmaths and all the paper 3 for the science subs. All the kira-kira subjects -_-

Today was so freaking tiring ! Slept at 5am yesterday watching tv , online sikit and bace sejarah. Was just about to close my eyes , then bloody Farah dah knock at my door asking me to get up. HAHA. Babi ! Then after the long day at school , went straight to dropzone with Gomez. The bus was full giler . I had to stand at the stairs of the bus where the door is. Dah la the door was open the whole way. All I could do was to hole the pole kuat-kuat so I wouldn't fall out of the bus.

Skipped sembahyang and foosed. Since there was like 10 of us , we decided to buat a lil doubles tournament. haha. Was fun weyh. It was like a knock out round thingy. I teamed up with the very badget2 Aiman. LOL. Our first match was against the stupid shit Tinesh yang ingat he Pro. I scored the first goal buat pull shot and it went in angle. And the idiot was like "Cheap shoot ! " and I was like " Mak cik ko la ! ". Then he scored one with his freaking lame front pin. The annoying thing is , when he dah score kan , he'll buat muke macam sum babi. With anger taking over my body , instead of going to him and whack him , I gave him 4 power snake shot. Pam pam pam ! Dengan semangatnye , I said "Next team ! " loudly :P 5-1 babeyh ! The feeling of winning was awesome. Lagi2 when you beat a person that you feel like kicking his face every time you see him. haha.

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