Monday, September 28, 2009

Went for shooting of the Invigilator . Chris said to meet at the lrt at 8.30 am. But I tersalah dengar. Heard him saying at 9am. So he called me saying everyone was already waiting for me and I was still at home asleep. LOL. Asked my mum to send me there. Got ready cepat-cepat thinking I was already late. But I was the first to arrive. Mcm bodo je. HAHA. As usual , Malaysian timing. They said the shoots gonna start at 10 am but ended up starting at 11.30am.

It was all good. The actors were Cheryl Samad , Tony Yusof and Zahiril Adzim ( Boy from KAMI the movie). They were all friendly :D Siap bole hisap rokok same2 lagi. HAHA. I really loved the experience weyh. Met lots of new people that have experience in the industry. Got few advices from them.

Overall , it was freaking tiring but worth it. The feeling of doing something you really like :D Just have to get over and done with SPM and I'm gonna start build a career in this industry . HAHA.

Bak kata Tony Yusof
This is why you should study hard and dont be an actor like me.

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