Monday, September 28, 2009

Tujuh Belas

Went for lunch in the afternoon. Then left home for KL at 5.30 pm. It was Hanisah's suprise party at The Zon KL. I reached KLCC at 5.50pm. Like what Marcus said , the zon is freaking near to KLCC. So ingatkan near , as if walking distance. Asked the Guard for directions and got lost. Walked around looking for tall buildings yang ade tulis The Zon. The next thing I knew , I was already walking towards Ampang Park. WTF ? haha. Went back , and did few more turnings. Tibe2 I saw the building. It was just beside the KLCC park LOL. The party was good. There were like 11 of us. Hung out and enjoyed myself. The best part was when me , Selena and Anyssa were standing at the hall way .Then there were this group of guys who came out from the room next to us dressed up with thick eye liner and sum weird kind of clothes kinda like My Chemical Romance. Their faces were all freaking red as if they were burning and the smell of the weed was freaking strong. Its kinda obvious they were smoking pot. LOL. Then one of the guy was like staring at me from down to up mcm babi. All I could do was just ignore je la. Trust me , you don't wanna mess with people who just smoked weed. There will be no limit to it. haha. Went back in and continued partying :D

The suprise ! :D

The toilet was see thorough -_- HAHA

The birthday girl :D

The couple :D

Bajet bajet sikit la. HAHA

Baring-baring sikit

Comel comel sikit , HAHAHAHAH

That's bout it. Hope you enjoyed it. Thumbs up to Marcus and gang :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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