Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So Modmaths was today. The paper was okay la. Paper 2 was first. Before we did the paper , teacher asked us to check the paper whether all pages are printed and I did. So during recess we were talking bout the questions and I realized that my stupid exam paper kurang 1 page. Like WTF ! 11 marks gone just like that. Out of 28 guys in my class , I'm the unlucky one -_- And Mun Fai was like "Why didn't you just take my paper. Bukannye I buat pun". Shit ! haha.

After school went to dropzone with Ashton , Darren and Mun Fai. Was joined with Jon and Chris. After a few games of foosball , went to the libary to do a lil of addmtahs. Owh Gomez gonna start bangga la coz he won 5-0. Yeah ! Tak malu or marah la :P The libary was freaking cold. After libary , went back to dropzone. Lepaked there till 6 pm and chowed home.

A new line people use towards me "Ade msg la , malas la. Pg tidur". HAHAHAHAHAHA. Creative idiots. LOL :D This 3rd week of exam is just plain Lazyness !

A RedzaRox Production :)

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