Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yay yay Duit Raya

So this is gonna be my last post till Raya. Am going back to Port Dickson tomorrow morning and will be back on Tuesday. So don't miss me aite :P HAHA. Its 1.30 am and I still haven't packed shit. My raya this year is just gonna be a pretty simple one. As usual , my family ain't a big fan of having open houses. Sorry. If not, dah lame I ajak you people. But my mum is too tired. So Raya is the only time kite, anak-anak Mr Zainal stop bullying her :D HAHAHA.

Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin !

Would like to give you my deepest apology if I had done bad things which I'm pretty sure I have. LOL. So this is the time to forgive and forget aite ? Collect as much duit raya and slow down on the cholesterols okay ? Have a safe trip and take care aite :D

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