Saturday, October 31, 2009

Everything I do

Just got back from sending my aunts to Haj. The place was frigging crowded since its the time of the year where Muslims can do their Haj at Makkah. Felt sad watching kids crying and saying goodbye to their loved ones . Like duh , Haji is for 45 days. Who wouldn't feel home sick leaving the people they love for that long .

Change of topic , have you ever felt so annoyed when that someone just keeps finding fault in you ? Like WTF is their problem ? Keeps criticising and commenting. Please la , get a freaking life ! If you're like so perfect takpe la , I don't mind. But too bad , you're not anywhere close to perfect ! Just back off . You call me a spoil brat ? Fuck you ! I have to freaking work my ass off to earn money to buy things that I want ! I have to get my own transport or sometimes I even walk to go out ! You keep criticizing when people say good things bout me . What ?! You want the attention ? Take it la. Its not my fault that people keeps talking bout me and not you ! I don't just depend on other people. Theres so much more la , but I'm just too lazy to say it all out. Its just a waste of my SPOILED time :D

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Friday, October 30, 2009


From Anti Christ to Massacre. I seriously need to start reading for Spm instead of all this stuff LOL. Do you know what is a massacre ? It means chaos . Heard of the Columbine High Massacre ? It happened in 1999 by two senior year students by the name Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. They manage to kill 13 students including a teacher and wounded 25 others. After the shooting , they committed suicide in the school library by pulling a trigger in their head. Spent hours watching videos and reading stories bout them and I finally understood why they did it. Their life is just full of hate. They're the kind of people who are not noticed in school and they just do their own thing. Living in a world of their own. Plus , their obsess with Nazi and world war. There was this one part in the documentary , they showed videos of them before the shooting. They're just like any other kids having fun. I keep thinking how did they have the guts to do that. It seems that they have been keeping their anger for a long time and finally letting it all out on the shooting. I feel sorry for them. But seriously, they got the balls to do such things which I know I don't. They have my respect !

Dylan Klebold on the left and Eric Harris on the right. Damn they were only 17 when they did it.

Them during the shooting. They were caught on the CC camera but as if they cared. Coz they got it all planned.

How they put an end to their life.

In 2007 , another shooting happened in Virginia Tech by Cho Seung-Hui. A Korean boy who studied there. He manage to kill 32 people and wounded a number of others. Worse then the Columbine one. Now this shooting is just plain dumb. He was anti social , quiet and depressed. He had no friends. Sort of a freak la. During his senior year , he was like afraid bout not being successful and all since he wanted to be a writer. He then decided to create a massacre so that he wouldn't have to go through it. The main aim is to get noticed by the whole world . He siap hantar a video to NBC a day before the shooting so that his message is heard by the whole world. The conclusion is , he did it for fame ! Idiot.

Here's a picture of him. Siap bole buat photo shoot of himself with guns and knives. Give me a break la !

At least they die famous. But seriously la , the Columbine Massacre is really interesting. If you wanna watch it , just search at YouTube :D

Oh well , that's life. We cant get everything in life. We just have to deal with it !

R.I.P to the victims of the two shootings. May they enjoy the luxury heaven.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

Check out his eyeballs , freaking awesome ! He went for surgery to change his eyeballs.

He even took out his lower ribs so he can bend down and satisfy himself. Damn , I respect people like this coz they dont freaking care what people are gonna say bout them . If I would be given the chance to meet him , hell yeah ! :D

My day started out in school. Went to school since there was block study for history. Surprised to see Thai Boy AKA Ashton in school. Thought he was still in Thailand , but it seems like he took a flight back earlier HAHA :P During block study , as usual I did some jokes la. Then Kakit laughed like kuat giler then the teacher asked him to go stand at the back of the hall. HAHAHAH. Funny la. Like what I said , I'm the joker and you people are the laugher. So if you kene marah for laughing then its not my fault LOL. Went back home with Zulpalie and continued my research bout The Anti Christ believer , Marilyn Manson. He's freaking cool ! Anti Christ to the max. The only dude that really shows his true identity. Its not that I'm Anti Christ , but I really enjoy reading things bout this.

Went to the library in the afternoon. Met up with the Foreigners from Puchong. HAHA. Then went to dropzone. Felt sorry for shorty Hazman. Bad day for him. From crawling under the table to losing his grip to not getting his money back to losing his slippers . After dropzone , went to the mamak and met up with Zul and Hanisah. Me and Hanisah took a cab home. The cab driver was so funny la. Him and his loud bass , long Elvis-like side burn and the weird smell of his car. Me and Hanisah were like typing messages on our phone and showing it at each other. HAHAHAHA

One of the message ,
Its so dark , I cant see whose driving. HELP ME ! hahaha.

Of course the message was from me la. haha. Got back home and cepat2 got ready for tuition. Sleepy like shit ! I shall sleep now and wake up 10 minutes before SPM :D

"10 minute sebelum SPM". hahahaha :D

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spm is getting closer and I'm getting more rajin to update blog. HAHAHAH.

A hypothesis for me ,

Makin dekat Spm , makin malas belajar dan kuat tidur.


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Hello !
Just got back from MidValley. Watched Papadom. Its an Afdlin Shauki production. Damn , it was awesome ! Everyone was laughing the whole time in the cinema. One of the best Malaysian movie Ive watched la. Its about this father that is too busy working and didn't have time for his daughter . So when his wife died , he changed and became over protective. I suggest you watch it. Support our local industry ! :D

Oh oh oh ! The story is called Papadom coz he sells papadom and his name is Encik Saadom. So his daughter combined the two words

Papa + Saadom = Papadom

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Monday, October 26, 2009


Took a bus back home from Oldtown. So I was sitting alone right behind the driver. Then there was this Indian dude who came in. He was talking with this Indonesian guy la. Tibe2 some drunk old singh man sitting in front of him interrupted when he was talking. So the fight begins !

Indian men , Singh men

Weyh ! Lu pahal ?
Aku tak cakap dengan ko kan ?! sibuk pasal ?!
Dah la , lu diam la.
Weyh ape lancau ! Lu tgk kaki saya( points at his leg ) , sebelum sampai muke lu , baik ko diam !
( Mumbling again )
Weyh , lu diam ah. Aku tgh cakap dgn die lu sibuk apahal ?
Lu senyap la !
Weyh skali lagi ah, aku sepak muke lu ah. Dekat sini jugak ! Lancau !
Saya takda takut la.
Pukimak nya org tua ( almost stood up ) !
( Got scared and quickly walked towards the driver and asked the driver to stop the bus )
Lu mabuk ah lancau ?! Ingat lu mabuk takut la ? Come la, show me how strong you are idiot ! Bodo nya org ! Cari pasal , lepas tu takut.
(quickly walked off the bus )

Everybody was sitting quietly in the bus paying attention to what they were fighting about. HAHA. Didn't really hear what the old man was saying coz he was mumbling most of the time. Memang la mabuk , the smell damn strong. The moral of the story is , don't interrupt when strangers are talking. HAHAH :D I almost laughed , but control ah. Nanti his kaki melayang at my face pulak. haha :D

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Times like these

Went for dinner with the family at The Steamboat at Ikano Damansara yesterday nite. Was awesome la. The food was freaking satisfying. The best part is everyone of us had our own steamboat thingy that you can cook it yourself. Macam main masak2 plak. HAHA. After that , went to Digital Mall to buy my sister's ipod. It was fun hanging out with the family.

The only cheeks I would kiss anytime and anywhere :D

The best friend you could ever have ! No matter how screwed up you are , they'll still love and support you. Thanks for the 9 months you had to suffer having me in your stomach LOL :D

While my sister was choosing her ipod , there was this chunted MacBook which was for display. So I decided to check out the camera and all. Ended up taking pictures like idiots. HAHAH. The cina guy yang works at the shop was just staring at us. LOL.

Well, that's my family. We're all born crazy :D We have each others back all the time. So think twice la if you wanna USE anyone of us, its like your using all of us.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Remembering King

Lawrence King
1993 - 2008

Have you people ever heard bout this boy ? Well , Ive heard bout him on the Ellen show a long time ago. But I finally got more info bout him after browsing through the internet. His name is Lawrence King and he was murdered in 2008 for being gay. It was during valentines when he decided to give a card to this dude that he likes. So the dude felt too embarress and shot him in the head.
I feel sad reading stories like this. Whats happening to the world ? Everybody has their rights. It doesnt concern us if they like people of the same gender rite ? When this happened , they didnt even publish it on tv or newspapers. Why ? Every voice should be heard. No matter what the sexual orientation behind it.

I realize that I'm not a good person. But I do have a heart. Would you kill someone just because you didn't want to be their valentine?

This is a song a dude wrote. You should listen to it. Then you will understand how it feels being in that position.

By Kyle Ord-Grey

sittin all alone
cryin in my bedroom
what r these thoughts
what the hell is wrong with you
i'm afraid i think i love a boy
i'm afraid i think i love a boy

what will dad say if he finds his boy is feminine
get him out of my house
what the hell is wrong with him
what will they say if they know i love a boy
what will they say if they know i love a boy

will they still love me
will they dissown me
be roots to my tree
i thought of everything
will they still guide me
or think its disgusting
will they even know me
i thought of everything

wanting to die
every single damn day
livin a lie
just a character i play
i don't wanna live in a world thats full of grey
this is who i am
grew thick skin
and i came unglued
started to be the person that only i knew
i was sick of livin in a world thats full of grey
this is who i am

walk into the living room
try to tell them who i am
but i can't do it
can't breath
i can barley stand

what will they do once they know i love a boy
what will they do once they know i love a boy

will my friends be there
when i start my rollercoaster ride
or will they just run
without even giving me a try
what wil i have once they know i love a boy
what wil i have once they know i love a boy

will they still love me
will they dissown me
be roots to my tree
i thought of everything
will they still guide me
or think its disgusting
will they even know me
i thought of everything

wanting to die
every single damn day
livin a lie
just a character i play
i don't wanna live in a world thats full of grey
this is who i am
grew thick skin
and i came unglued
started to be the person that only i knew
i was sick of livin in a world thats full of grey
this is who i am

Think bout it.
Gay rights = straight rights = human rights

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Invigilator Part 2

Went for The Invigilator shoot again. Its for the extra scenes that they haven't done. Went with Aaron for the 2 hour shoot. Was much more fun compared to the last shoot :D Awesome and worth it ! Since the lead actor couldn't make it , they made me like some stunt men. HAHA. Had to wear a wig to pretend as if I am the dude. Funny la.

Don't worry , they only took shots from the back. So when you see the character Megat (Adziril Adzim) tibe2 besar sikit, its understood aite. HAHA

I didn't even have to wait till SPM is over dah bole ade rambut panjang. HAHA

Yea yea , I know Ive put on weight. So you don't have to rub it in and just take care of your freaking body aite.

After the shoot , me and Aaron were relaxing while waiting for our ride to the station. Aaron then realized that a group of crows were attacking some small animal. We went to check it out la. Found out it was a freaking bat. Aaron bole pulak say its a tupai. HAHAHHA. Tue la , mate sepet sangat LOL :P So as a good human , we chased the crows away. Took a bottle we found on the floor , cut it in the middle and put the bat in the bottle. Was planning to keep it as a pet at home. But it went towards the light before we could even reach Masjid Jamek. HAHAHA. Everybody in the train was just staring at us . Some stupid uneducated kampung lady keeps staring at me and shaking her head . Like please la , back off and get a life ! Don't even know what we're planning to do , then nak jump straight to conclusion. Lucky she was sum kampung lady or else I would have pulled her tudung and elbowed her face HAHA. We didn't want to leave it in the middle of KL. So we brought its body together with us to the libary. Placed it outside the libary , somewhere people couldn't notice so it could rest in peace. The conclusion is , contohilah saya dan Aaron supaya menjadi seorang yang intelektual dan berkasih sayang terhadap mahluk Tuhan. HAHAHAHAH :D

Before it died. It could already see the light. But we managed to keep it alive with our support :) This is the first time I got to see a bat up close. Its head is like a dog weyh. Another of God's unique creation.

A close up :D

R.I.P our lovely Bat
2pm - 2.20 pm
May you rest in peace :D

Went to the libary till 6.40pm and chowed home to say goodbye to my Singaporean relatives :D

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

All around me are babies

Just got back from our Annual Za'ba gathering. This year wasn't as havoc as last year but it was all good :D Met up with people that I haven't seen for ages and many new babies to play with . Like damn ! The minute I reached there , it was like heaven for me. Babies everywhere ! HAHA. Nothing much to talk bout , coz its mostly catching up amongst each other. Didn't take much photos. Here are a few of them from my phone. Will get the rest from the official photographer :D

Me , Qila and Afi.
Admiring this Malay mix Matsalleh baby :)
He's our cousin. HAHA
His eyes are irresistible ! Freaking cute :D

Me and my cousin Arika :D
See the baby , kecik2 dah pakai baju kotak2.
Bole masuk lookbook :P HAHA
Future hotstuff !

Take a look at this baby.
She's so chubby it just makes me wanna bite her. HAHA.
Grrrrrrrr !

There were more babies but only the chosen one's belong to me. HAHAHA. Every night before I sleep , I shall pray that my mum gets me a lil brother that I can take care of :D HAHAHAHAHHA. Love them babies that can't talk or walk. Coz once they can walk and talk , they'll be all annoying unless they do as I say LOL. Damn , I have a thing for babies ! Can't wait to get my own. HAHA. So the plan is , to adopt a baby rite after SPM is over and take care of him or her :P when you guys are getting your licence, i'll be getting my baby....hahahahah

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Ni fei siang mei li

Its been like a freaking long time since Ive last hung out with the Muhibah gang. LOL. Went for Yuvendrans deepavali open house. It was fun , banging people and making chunted jokes bout it. Haha. So when I hear jokes and stories bout that person , it just makes me tak puas too. HAHA.

After the openhouse , we headed off to MidValley. Since like bukan slalu dapat go out , so called Ashton along coz I know he rindu me la. HAHAHA. As usual , brewball it is. Banyak gile rempit weyh. Gomez with his bibir tak habis2 cakap my gang. Dude , its not my fault they admire me so much kan ? HAHA. Since Aaron wanted to eat , we made the game a lil more interesting. Kalah bayar makan Tony Romas. It was me and John againts Kumahai and Ashton. Like duh we won. HAHAHA. At first we were losing , then Kumaran did some awesome own goals HAHA , snaked it few time and settled ! :D We were like freaking loud. Jerit2 sume LOL. All the rempits were like staring je. Actually we all malas je nak say that the spot light is always ours. HAHA. So Tony Romas it is ! Last-last , me and John kesian them la. Just let them belanja the drinks. Eh I mean a drink :P. Makan bayar sendiri la. Talked bout lots of stuff. From our future to our past. Ordered the Romas burger. Babi besar ! Took me sumtime to figure out a way to put it in my mouth LOL. Was wearing a black singlet coz takkan nak wear putta to Mid. After eating , the stomach came back -_- So cover sikit dengan baju haha.

Had to chow early coz I was planning to come back before my mum gets home. But once your out , memang susah gile nak balik la. Okay , so I saved a few chinese words in my phone. Decided to show off la yg I dah terer berbahasa cine.

Me Ashton Bernie Gomez

(Reads my phone )
Ni fei siang mei li !
HAHAHAHA. What the hell ?
What does that mean ?
Your extremely beautiful.
HAHAHA, why tibe2 ?
Coz got that Cina girl tibe2 said that to me(lying to Bernie la)
HAHAHAHA ( Went telling everybody)
Malek , why you so beautiful ? HAHAHA
HAHAHA Bodoh pegi percaya !

Since that was like a new word I learned. Started la the drama. LOL. Saying it with different tones. Angry tone , sweet tone and banyak lagi. HAHAHA. We also made a lil drama. I acted like I was fighting with Ashton infront a few cina people and shouted Ni fei siang me li !!! HAHA. Then there was this Cina girl walking. So me and Ashton said it out loud and laughed like shit. Then she looked at us thinking as if were interested in her. A coincidence , we were walking towards the same direction so she ingat we nak follow her. So I started singing the stupid Digi song , I will follow you . HAHA. Funny giler la. If only laughing was an exercise technique , I'll be freaking thin by now :D

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Friday, October 16, 2009


Happy Birthday Afi The Telur girl :P HAHA.
Giler la , your already 21 ! Tapi perangai still macam budak kecik. HAHA. Shes my wrestling buddy at home. Tumbuk-tumbuk , tendang-tendang and letak straightener yang panas at each other. HAHAHA.

Happy Birthday Farah The Blacky. LOL.
Sweet 16 ! Have been through a lot with this girl. The gossips , the prank calls , the convincing parents to let us out, the bf and gf stories and banyak gile babi la. HAHA :)

Have a blast you two. Sorry ah , didn't buy any present coz the only place I could go was OldtTown -___- Takkan nak beli sayur kat pasar kut. HAHA. Love you guys lah ! :)

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Fun Moments

Hey ! Found this video on youtube. Ashton la pg upload. I found out bout it since sum person went and googled my name. Tried it and got lots of stuff that has to do with my name. haha. Yeah , I can see who views my blog okay? So you can just buat muke tebal now :D

This was during drama comp at Taman Sea early this year. It was freaking boring. We were sitting behind Samadis group. So I found a mask that they used for their drama. Decided to steal it for a while :D Knowing me , I create my own fun. HAHAHA. Enjoy :)

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Half Way

Life is so interesting :D When I was reading Bio and other stuff , I tibe2 started to wonder how freaking smart god is. Creating all this stuff. Having the idea of how we're gonna live , our looks , how we move , produce , breathe and others. Like gile babi ! It's amazing, GOD'S creation :D As we all know , everybody is going to die :)

Have you ever imagine how its going to feel when you're dying ? When our soul are getting sucked out from our body. Have you ever think about the afterlife ? How are we all gonna be ? Will we be like hanging out with other ghosts or scare people who are still alive like in tv ? burned in hell for all the sins we've done or enjoy the luxury heaven ?

These are just the things that I have been thinking bout lately :D Saje je wanna share with you guys. Whatever it is , we must be ready to go through it. Sooner or later :)

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Tears of heaven

I'm a carnivore :D
Since at my dads place theres like a kandang for different kind of animals , I get the pleasure of enjoying their meat. HAHA Btw , its a lamb drumstick.

A random story of mine :D

Was watching this local tv show. Theres this one part where they called local actors to make themselves cry. For them , people who can make themselves cry are good actors. So during the commercial , I off-ed the sound and tried to make myself cry. HAHAHAHHA.

Me Afi

(Everything was so quiet and I was trying to get the emotional feeling) (Was looking down and my eyes were already watery :D)
What the hell are you doing ?!
(Looks up and started laughing with watery eyes) Babi la ! I tgh cube nangis nie ! HAHAHAHAH
Stupid idiot ! HAHAHHAHA

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A common phrase use by humans ,

Time flies
Its freaking true ! PMR students are over and done with their disaster and now its our turn.
Hanisah said "Its like a roller coaster ride. Now its their turn and we're next. " True true :) But hey, look at the brightside people. We only have 1 more month to stay in this shithole situation LOL. Next year , we can just wave goodbye to those people who are still in school and say "Have fun in school :P ". HAHAHAH.

School starts tomorrow and I feel like its the first day of school. Excited to see faces I havent seen for quite sumtime. See yeah tomorrow people :D

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Hey :D

Now I've seriously lost my blogging mojo. Bak kata Noelle la. HAHA. But since Palie was like "Aku slalu pegi blog kau weekly , but takde update pun". So I decided to update.

It has been a week rite ? Didn't have school coz of PMR. Feels like its a holiday for us till SPM. Woohoo ! :D As you all know , I made a promise to my mother that I won't go out till SPM is over due to the non stop going out and coming back late at nite during the one week holiday. So yeah :) Well , that explains why I didn't go to the openhouses and the lepak sessions. Neways , thanks for still inviting me and remembering me. HAHA. Besides , everybody is busy with SPM and all those other stupid stuff that has to do with education LOL.

For the past few weeks , have been making the libary my second home. A place for me to relax , take a lil nap and buat a lil latihan :D Thats bout it. And as usual , after libary will be at dropzone since thats like the only place I can go which is fun.

Owh owh , I started playing YoVille ! Its becoming an addiction of mine. HAHA. Come join my crew :D

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Until the time is through

Hello ,

Have left my blog dead for 1 week already. Just don't have the mood to blog. Besides , there is nothing much to talk bout since I have been spending my days at home sleeping and watching TV. Everybody is busy with their preparations for PMR , SPM and STPM. As for me , I'll just do what I can. Throughout my 17 years of life , I've never felt the pressure of studying. Its just the nervous feeling of taking the exam. For now , the feeling still haven't come to me. And SPM is in 40++ days! WTH is wrong with me ?! Take an arrow and shoot me through my heart please.

School is getting fun. As if SPM is already over. Hanging out in class , joking around , throwing papers and chair at Kishan LOL . The good times weyh. I have like my last 1 month to spend time with this awesome environment. Then it's SPM where everything has to be so serious. It seemed like just yesterday , I was in form 1. Playing sum stupid game with Kishan trying to make each other laugh and tibe2 Aaron who I tak kenal at that time pun laugh. HAHAHA. Lepak at the stairs makan burger and hotdog. LOL. Now , look at us man ! I lost my baby fats , Aaron's hair dah tak macam nenek dekat Old folks home , Kishan has got style , Chun Wei dah matured ( dari dulu lagi la ) . hahahhaha. Damn , time pass freaking fast .

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