Sunday, October 18, 2009

All around me are babies

Just got back from our Annual Za'ba gathering. This year wasn't as havoc as last year but it was all good :D Met up with people that I haven't seen for ages and many new babies to play with . Like damn ! The minute I reached there , it was like heaven for me. Babies everywhere ! HAHA. Nothing much to talk bout , coz its mostly catching up amongst each other. Didn't take much photos. Here are a few of them from my phone. Will get the rest from the official photographer :D

Me , Qila and Afi.
Admiring this Malay mix Matsalleh baby :)
He's our cousin. HAHA
His eyes are irresistible ! Freaking cute :D

Me and my cousin Arika :D
See the baby , kecik2 dah pakai baju kotak2.
Bole masuk lookbook :P HAHA
Future hotstuff !

Take a look at this baby.
She's so chubby it just makes me wanna bite her. HAHA.
Grrrrrrrr !

There were more babies but only the chosen one's belong to me. HAHAHA. Every night before I sleep , I shall pray that my mum gets me a lil brother that I can take care of :D HAHAHAHAHHA. Love them babies that can't talk or walk. Coz once they can walk and talk , they'll be all annoying unless they do as I say LOL. Damn , I have a thing for babies ! Can't wait to get my own. HAHA. So the plan is , to adopt a baby rite after SPM is over and take care of him or her :P when you guys are getting your licence, i'll be getting my baby....hahahahah

A RedzaRox Production :)

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