Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hey :D

Now I've seriously lost my blogging mojo. Bak kata Noelle la. HAHA. But since Palie was like "Aku slalu pegi blog kau weekly , but takde update pun". So I decided to update.

It has been a week rite ? Didn't have school coz of PMR. Feels like its a holiday for us till SPM. Woohoo ! :D As you all know , I made a promise to my mother that I won't go out till SPM is over due to the non stop going out and coming back late at nite during the one week holiday. So yeah :) Well , that explains why I didn't go to the openhouses and the lepak sessions. Neways , thanks for still inviting me and remembering me. HAHA. Besides , everybody is busy with SPM and all those other stupid stuff that has to do with education LOL.

For the past few weeks , have been making the libary my second home. A place for me to relax , take a lil nap and buat a lil latihan :D Thats bout it. And as usual , after libary will be at dropzone since thats like the only place I can go which is fun.

Owh owh , I started playing YoVille ! Its becoming an addiction of mine. HAHA. Come join my crew :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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