Saturday, October 31, 2009

Everything I do

Just got back from sending my aunts to Haj. The place was frigging crowded since its the time of the year where Muslims can do their Haj at Makkah. Felt sad watching kids crying and saying goodbye to their loved ones . Like duh , Haji is for 45 days. Who wouldn't feel home sick leaving the people they love for that long .

Change of topic , have you ever felt so annoyed when that someone just keeps finding fault in you ? Like WTF is their problem ? Keeps criticising and commenting. Please la , get a freaking life ! If you're like so perfect takpe la , I don't mind. But too bad , you're not anywhere close to perfect ! Just back off . You call me a spoil brat ? Fuck you ! I have to freaking work my ass off to earn money to buy things that I want ! I have to get my own transport or sometimes I even walk to go out ! You keep criticizing when people say good things bout me . What ?! You want the attention ? Take it la. Its not my fault that people keeps talking bout me and not you ! I don't just depend on other people. Theres so much more la , but I'm just too lazy to say it all out. Its just a waste of my SPOILED time :D

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