Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Half Way

Life is so interesting :D When I was reading Bio and other stuff , I tibe2 started to wonder how freaking smart god is. Creating all this stuff. Having the idea of how we're gonna live , our looks , how we move , produce , breathe and others. Like gile babi ! It's amazing, GOD'S creation :D As we all know , everybody is going to die :)

Have you ever imagine how its going to feel when you're dying ? When our soul are getting sucked out from our body. Have you ever think about the afterlife ? How are we all gonna be ? Will we be like hanging out with other ghosts or scare people who are still alive like in tv ? burned in hell for all the sins we've done or enjoy the luxury heaven ?

These are just the things that I have been thinking bout lately :D Saje je wanna share with you guys. Whatever it is , we must be ready to go through it. Sooner or later :)

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