Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Invigilator Part 2

Went for The Invigilator shoot again. Its for the extra scenes that they haven't done. Went with Aaron for the 2 hour shoot. Was much more fun compared to the last shoot :D Awesome and worth it ! Since the lead actor couldn't make it , they made me like some stunt men. HAHA. Had to wear a wig to pretend as if I am the dude. Funny la.

Don't worry , they only took shots from the back. So when you see the character Megat (Adziril Adzim) tibe2 besar sikit, its understood aite. HAHA

I didn't even have to wait till SPM is over dah bole ade rambut panjang. HAHA

Yea yea , I know Ive put on weight. So you don't have to rub it in and just take care of your freaking body aite.

After the shoot , me and Aaron were relaxing while waiting for our ride to the station. Aaron then realized that a group of crows were attacking some small animal. We went to check it out la. Found out it was a freaking bat. Aaron bole pulak say its a tupai. HAHAHHA. Tue la , mate sepet sangat LOL :P So as a good human , we chased the crows away. Took a bottle we found on the floor , cut it in the middle and put the bat in the bottle. Was planning to keep it as a pet at home. But it went towards the light before we could even reach Masjid Jamek. HAHAHA. Everybody in the train was just staring at us . Some stupid uneducated kampung lady keeps staring at me and shaking her head . Like please la , back off and get a life ! Don't even know what we're planning to do , then nak jump straight to conclusion. Lucky she was sum kampung lady or else I would have pulled her tudung and elbowed her face HAHA. We didn't want to leave it in the middle of KL. So we brought its body together with us to the libary. Placed it outside the libary , somewhere people couldn't notice so it could rest in peace. The conclusion is , contohilah saya dan Aaron supaya menjadi seorang yang intelektual dan berkasih sayang terhadap mahluk Tuhan. HAHAHAHAH :D

Before it died. It could already see the light. But we managed to keep it alive with our support :) This is the first time I got to see a bat up close. Its head is like a dog weyh. Another of God's unique creation.

A close up :D

R.I.P our lovely Bat
2pm - 2.20 pm
May you rest in peace :D

Went to the libary till 6.40pm and chowed home to say goodbye to my Singaporean relatives :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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