Thursday, October 29, 2009

Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

Check out his eyeballs , freaking awesome ! He went for surgery to change his eyeballs.

He even took out his lower ribs so he can bend down and satisfy himself. Damn , I respect people like this coz they dont freaking care what people are gonna say bout them . If I would be given the chance to meet him , hell yeah ! :D

My day started out in school. Went to school since there was block study for history. Surprised to see Thai Boy AKA Ashton in school. Thought he was still in Thailand , but it seems like he took a flight back earlier HAHA :P During block study , as usual I did some jokes la. Then Kakit laughed like kuat giler then the teacher asked him to go stand at the back of the hall. HAHAHAH. Funny la. Like what I said , I'm the joker and you people are the laugher. So if you kene marah for laughing then its not my fault LOL. Went back home with Zulpalie and continued my research bout The Anti Christ believer , Marilyn Manson. He's freaking cool ! Anti Christ to the max. The only dude that really shows his true identity. Its not that I'm Anti Christ , but I really enjoy reading things bout this.

Went to the library in the afternoon. Met up with the Foreigners from Puchong. HAHA. Then went to dropzone. Felt sorry for shorty Hazman. Bad day for him. From crawling under the table to losing his grip to not getting his money back to losing his slippers . After dropzone , went to the mamak and met up with Zul and Hanisah. Me and Hanisah took a cab home. The cab driver was so funny la. Him and his loud bass , long Elvis-like side burn and the weird smell of his car. Me and Hanisah were like typing messages on our phone and showing it at each other. HAHAHAHA

One of the message ,
Its so dark , I cant see whose driving. HELP ME ! hahaha.

Of course the message was from me la. haha. Got back home and cepat2 got ready for tuition. Sleepy like shit ! I shall sleep now and wake up 10 minutes before SPM :D

"10 minute sebelum SPM". hahahaha :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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