Friday, October 30, 2009


From Anti Christ to Massacre. I seriously need to start reading for Spm instead of all this stuff LOL. Do you know what is a massacre ? It means chaos . Heard of the Columbine High Massacre ? It happened in 1999 by two senior year students by the name Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. They manage to kill 13 students including a teacher and wounded 25 others. After the shooting , they committed suicide in the school library by pulling a trigger in their head. Spent hours watching videos and reading stories bout them and I finally understood why they did it. Their life is just full of hate. They're the kind of people who are not noticed in school and they just do their own thing. Living in a world of their own. Plus , their obsess with Nazi and world war. There was this one part in the documentary , they showed videos of them before the shooting. They're just like any other kids having fun. I keep thinking how did they have the guts to do that. It seems that they have been keeping their anger for a long time and finally letting it all out on the shooting. I feel sorry for them. But seriously, they got the balls to do such things which I know I don't. They have my respect !

Dylan Klebold on the left and Eric Harris on the right. Damn they were only 17 when they did it.

Them during the shooting. They were caught on the CC camera but as if they cared. Coz they got it all planned.

How they put an end to their life.

In 2007 , another shooting happened in Virginia Tech by Cho Seung-Hui. A Korean boy who studied there. He manage to kill 32 people and wounded a number of others. Worse then the Columbine one. Now this shooting is just plain dumb. He was anti social , quiet and depressed. He had no friends. Sort of a freak la. During his senior year , he was like afraid bout not being successful and all since he wanted to be a writer. He then decided to create a massacre so that he wouldn't have to go through it. The main aim is to get noticed by the whole world . He siap hantar a video to NBC a day before the shooting so that his message is heard by the whole world. The conclusion is , he did it for fame ! Idiot.

Here's a picture of him. Siap bole buat photo shoot of himself with guns and knives. Give me a break la !

At least they die famous. But seriously la , the Columbine Massacre is really interesting. If you wanna watch it , just search at YouTube :D

Oh well , that's life. We cant get everything in life. We just have to deal with it !

R.I.P to the victims of the two shootings. May they enjoy the luxury heaven.

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