Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ni fei siang mei li

Its been like a freaking long time since Ive last hung out with the Muhibah gang. LOL. Went for Yuvendrans deepavali open house. It was fun , banging people and making chunted jokes bout it. Haha. So when I hear jokes and stories bout that person , it just makes me tak puas too. HAHA.

After the openhouse , we headed off to MidValley. Since like bukan slalu dapat go out , so called Ashton along coz I know he rindu me la. HAHAHA. As usual , brewball it is. Banyak gile rempit weyh. Gomez with his bibir tak habis2 cakap my gang. Dude , its not my fault they admire me so much kan ? HAHA. Since Aaron wanted to eat , we made the game a lil more interesting. Kalah bayar makan Tony Romas. It was me and John againts Kumahai and Ashton. Like duh we won. HAHAHA. At first we were losing , then Kumaran did some awesome own goals HAHA , snaked it few time and settled ! :D We were like freaking loud. Jerit2 sume LOL. All the rempits were like staring je. Actually we all malas je nak say that the spot light is always ours. HAHA. So Tony Romas it is ! Last-last , me and John kesian them la. Just let them belanja the drinks. Eh I mean a drink :P. Makan bayar sendiri la. Talked bout lots of stuff. From our future to our past. Ordered the Romas burger. Babi besar ! Took me sumtime to figure out a way to put it in my mouth LOL. Was wearing a black singlet coz takkan nak wear putta to Mid. After eating , the stomach came back -_- So cover sikit dengan baju haha.

Had to chow early coz I was planning to come back before my mum gets home. But once your out , memang susah gile nak balik la. Okay , so I saved a few chinese words in my phone. Decided to show off la yg I dah terer berbahasa cine.

Me Ashton Bernie Gomez

(Reads my phone )
Ni fei siang mei li !
HAHAHAHA. What the hell ?
What does that mean ?
Your extremely beautiful.
HAHAHA, why tibe2 ?
Coz got that Cina girl tibe2 said that to me(lying to Bernie la)
HAHAHAHA ( Went telling everybody)
Malek , why you so beautiful ? HAHAHA
HAHAHA Bodoh pegi percaya !

Since that was like a new word I learned. Started la the drama. LOL. Saying it with different tones. Angry tone , sweet tone and banyak lagi. HAHAHA. We also made a lil drama. I acted like I was fighting with Ashton infront a few cina people and shouted Ni fei siang me li !!! HAHA. Then there was this Cina girl walking. So me and Ashton said it out loud and laughed like shit. Then she looked at us thinking as if were interested in her. A coincidence , we were walking towards the same direction so she ingat we nak follow her. So I started singing the stupid Digi song , I will follow you . HAHA. Funny giler la. If only laughing was an exercise technique , I'll be freaking thin by now :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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