Sunday, October 25, 2009

Times like these

Went for dinner with the family at The Steamboat at Ikano Damansara yesterday nite. Was awesome la. The food was freaking satisfying. The best part is everyone of us had our own steamboat thingy that you can cook it yourself. Macam main masak2 plak. HAHA. After that , went to Digital Mall to buy my sister's ipod. It was fun hanging out with the family.

The only cheeks I would kiss anytime and anywhere :D

The best friend you could ever have ! No matter how screwed up you are , they'll still love and support you. Thanks for the 9 months you had to suffer having me in your stomach LOL :D

While my sister was choosing her ipod , there was this chunted MacBook which was for display. So I decided to check out the camera and all. Ended up taking pictures like idiots. HAHAH. The cina guy yang works at the shop was just staring at us. LOL.

Well, that's my family. We're all born crazy :D We have each others back all the time. So think twice la if you wanna USE anyone of us, its like your using all of us.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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