Monday, October 26, 2009


Took a bus back home from Oldtown. So I was sitting alone right behind the driver. Then there was this Indian dude who came in. He was talking with this Indonesian guy la. Tibe2 some drunk old singh man sitting in front of him interrupted when he was talking. So the fight begins !

Indian men , Singh men

Weyh ! Lu pahal ?
Aku tak cakap dengan ko kan ?! sibuk pasal ?!
Dah la , lu diam la.
Weyh ape lancau ! Lu tgk kaki saya( points at his leg ) , sebelum sampai muke lu , baik ko diam !
( Mumbling again )
Weyh , lu diam ah. Aku tgh cakap dgn die lu sibuk apahal ?
Lu senyap la !
Weyh skali lagi ah, aku sepak muke lu ah. Dekat sini jugak ! Lancau !
Saya takda takut la.
Pukimak nya org tua ( almost stood up ) !
( Got scared and quickly walked towards the driver and asked the driver to stop the bus )
Lu mabuk ah lancau ?! Ingat lu mabuk takut la ? Come la, show me how strong you are idiot ! Bodo nya org ! Cari pasal , lepas tu takut.
(quickly walked off the bus )

Everybody was sitting quietly in the bus paying attention to what they were fighting about. HAHA. Didn't really hear what the old man was saying coz he was mumbling most of the time. Memang la mabuk , the smell damn strong. The moral of the story is , don't interrupt when strangers are talking. HAHAH :D I almost laughed , but control ah. Nanti his kaki melayang at my face pulak. haha :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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