Monday, October 5, 2009

Until the time is through

Hello ,

Have left my blog dead for 1 week already. Just don't have the mood to blog. Besides , there is nothing much to talk bout since I have been spending my days at home sleeping and watching TV. Everybody is busy with their preparations for PMR , SPM and STPM. As for me , I'll just do what I can. Throughout my 17 years of life , I've never felt the pressure of studying. Its just the nervous feeling of taking the exam. For now , the feeling still haven't come to me. And SPM is in 40++ days! WTH is wrong with me ?! Take an arrow and shoot me through my heart please.

School is getting fun. As if SPM is already over. Hanging out in class , joking around , throwing papers and chair at Kishan LOL . The good times weyh. I have like my last 1 month to spend time with this awesome environment. Then it's SPM where everything has to be so serious. It seemed like just yesterday , I was in form 1. Playing sum stupid game with Kishan trying to make each other laugh and tibe2 Aaron who I tak kenal at that time pun laugh. HAHAHA. Lepak at the stairs makan burger and hotdog. LOL. Now , look at us man ! I lost my baby fats , Aaron's hair dah tak macam nenek dekat Old folks home , Kishan has got style , Chun Wei dah matured ( dari dulu lagi la ) . hahahhaha. Damn , time pass freaking fast .

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