Saturday, November 7, 2009


A Social interview question ,
"If you could have lunch with anyone dead or alive, who would it be ? "

My answer :)

Sazzy Falak .

Some how I find her the most attractive Malay girl I've ever seen la.
The sexy husky voice (the first thing that attracts me :D ) , the awesome body figure , the mix features and her awesome sense of fashion.
There was this one time , I was at Curve with my mum. We were eating lunch at this Kopitiam shop and there was a shooting going on. She was there. The whole freaking time eating , I kept staring at her and not at my food LOL. Then I saw her going out for a smoke , so I quickly grabbed my mums ciggies and sat outside . HAHAHAHAHHA. Funny shits la !


Another dream girl of mine haha. Although she doesnt have the "pretty girl" look but her freaking sexy eyes attracts me. I like her coz of the way she thinks. She doesnt want to be the pretty kind of girl which nowadays are just plain dumb ( she can be , but she just didnt want to. Check out her photo up there. Hot hot hot ! :) ) Like what her song says, "I dont wanna be a stupid girl". The sexy sharp eyes , her awesome short hair , the husky voice (again ) , the tattoo's , the piercings , her style and her coolness in doing anything.

The conclusion is , girls with husky voice turns me on ! HAHAH. So if you have a sore throat which makes your voice husky , stay away ! HAHA :D

Marilyn Manson

I freaking admire this dude ! Just look at him! He's a strong believer of Anti Christ ( It doesnt mean that I believe it to . I just admire people who dont care and are strong on what they believe in ). He has a freaking hot wife which loves him for who he is. They dont frigging care what the society thinks of them. From my point of view , thats the proper way to live. His song "Jesus is a friend of mine" and "This is Halloween" is awesome la. What ever it is , he's my idol :P

So whens lunch ? HAHAHAHAHAH

A RedzaRox Production :)


Have been watching movies past two days.

Went for a midnight movie at MidV with the siblings. Well , that explains why I didn't go to school today. We watched The Time Travellers Wife. It was a good movie la. You girls would love watching it. For guys , I'm not so sure la haha. If you're the loving and romantic kind like me (jiwang) , then maybe yeah. HAHAHHAHAHA :P Every time I watch this kind of movie kan , I feel so envious and jealous with the kind of love they have. Its like a fairy tale. Something that is just too good to be true. The understanding between each other and the strength of their love which is forever solid. Gahh ! How sweet. But does it really happen ? I have no clue coz I'm pretty sure I've never experience it. Maybe its still early for me. Oh well , I'll just have to go through more childish and boring relationships to discover the perfect one :D

It was a sad story. The sisters cried :P I didn't la but I was really touched :D

My sister came home. So more downloaded movies for me to watch. Bring it on to the finish. I have always watched bring it on since I was young. HAHA. From the first one till the previous one. Hello , what do you expect ? I was brought up in a house with 4 sisters. HAHA. You should be lucky I didn't turn out gay :D Owh the movie didn't have a cover. So yeah !

Then later at night , watched The Orphan. I know its kinda ketinggalan. But what the hell right ? The important thing is , I got to watch it. Damn ! This movie is sick ! It digs out the anger in me haha. Thank god its just a movie or else , I'll go buy a ticket to the United States and kill that frigging girl with my bare hands ! LOL. So unsatisfying. Was hoping that they turn out to be the lucky family that survives. But sadly , the husband didn't. Watched it from the lap top. Used earphones to really get the feeling of being in the cinema haha. So when its the shocking parts , my body will be like automatically jump up and my sister will be like WTH ? haha. Funny la.

To those of you that haven't watch this movie , take a look at the bitches face. If you see anybody that looks like her , kill them ! HAHA.

The moral of the story is , don't adopt a child unless they're a cute baby. HAHA. My plans of adopting a child after SPM has officially been canceled haha. I shall work hard and get an original RedzaRox Production :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sonic Boom

This post is dedicated to Dinesh Kunasekar since he told me he wants to be on my blog. HAHAH.

Today was a good day . The plan was to go to the library at 10 am but I freaking woke up at 12 noon. HAHA. So washed up and headed to the library. Kesian si Palie , had to wait for me. haha. Studied a lil then went for lunch since dah lapar gile. Bumped into the Puchong gang , Kishan and Dinesh. After eating, ingatkan wanted to go back to the library but it rained heavily. Waited and waited and screwed it . We ran in the heavy rain. Went to drop for a while to wait for the rain to stop. Then finally got to the library. Hung out with the Puchong gang. Left the library around 5.30pm and went to Secret Recipe for tea. HAHA. Lepak2 and waited for Kishan's mom. Since his sister had sum dance class near my place , both of them chilled at my house. Was quite fun la. Watched 8TV quickie and listened to Kishan singing " Beat it " on air. Giler la :P Menang ticket for "This is it". HAHA. Seriously speaking , you got talent la. Even the dude on 8tv quickie pun said that you should go for One in a million or something. Just don't malu2 LOL. Played cards since like dah lame giler tak main and danced like idiots. HAHA. Damn , I feel like a teenage girl LOL. They had to chaw when Kishan's sister finished her dance class. The end :D

Owh a funny convo,

Me Kishan Dinesh

(At my house)
Weyh Malek , update la your blog. Then blog bout today.
(Whispers at my ear) Dinesh just wants to be on your blog. haha
What that bitch say ?
He said you want to be on my blog. HAHA.
Yeah ! Then you can put our pictures. HAHA.
Weyh don't la put our pictures. Malu la !
Don't you want to be famous ?!

Ahhhh choc mud cake ! My fav :D

Kishan the Afro kid haha. Later when you become a famous singer and dancer , swear you wont forget me. HAHA :D

Muke bagi merah sikit. HAHA

Kishan . A friend since standard 1 till now . He might be lame , annoying , geeky and all. But his a good friend la :D

Mata kene macam Marilyn Manson sikit. HAHA

Excited sangat pg Secret Recipe. Chill , tak lame lagi ade la Secret Recipe dekat Puchong. HAHA

The sweetest 5M couple. HAHA

Puas Dinesh ? haha.

They're nice people la. Fun to hang out with. Although they are not the kind that goes out often , but its fun lepaking with them once they're out of the house. Even though its just Old Town HAHAHAHAH.

A RedzaRox Production :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Gift

Tadika Boy Humor , HAHAHA. Saje je nak kacau Kumaran , the bear without fur :D

Today was good. Woke up at 12 noon. Then bersiap-siap and went library to borrow some books la. Then met up with Chris and Vincent Loo. Lepak-lepak for a while and chawed coz was bored. Onlined for a while , then went for a jog at Taman Jaya. After a long time not exercising and the increase of nicotine intake , I could only brisk walk and not jog. HAHA. Jogged sikit2 je la , then continued walking. So I was walking around the lake , then I realized this dude with a dslr camera taking a picture of me. HAHA. Maybe he likes taking random pictures I guess. Kalo ye pun , tell me first la. I could have gone home and do my hair first LOL :P Since I'm not going school anymore , Ive decided that I must start jogging back again la. Need to lose lots of fats and build stamina. GRRR ! If only I got denggi , then Ill be thin again. HAHA. Just kidding God :D Biar gemuk dan sihat dari kurus macam nak mati. HAHAHA

Heard few stories from Unknown bout this bitchy Unknown. Its sickening la , but what to do. God created different kind of people with different attitudes. Its just that some people were gifted with an attitude of a bitch HAHA. Owh well , just remember. What goes around , comes around. I just have one thing to say , Think you lepak with hot people will make you hot la ? It doesn't work that way babe :P Just try harder la , maybe God might give you a chance and turn the ugly duckling into a swan. HAHA

And thanks for the info. FYI , I never had anything against you before.

A RedzaRox Production :)