Saturday, November 7, 2009


Have been watching movies past two days.

Went for a midnight movie at MidV with the siblings. Well , that explains why I didn't go to school today. We watched The Time Travellers Wife. It was a good movie la. You girls would love watching it. For guys , I'm not so sure la haha. If you're the loving and romantic kind like me (jiwang) , then maybe yeah. HAHAHHAHAHA :P Every time I watch this kind of movie kan , I feel so envious and jealous with the kind of love they have. Its like a fairy tale. Something that is just too good to be true. The understanding between each other and the strength of their love which is forever solid. Gahh ! How sweet. But does it really happen ? I have no clue coz I'm pretty sure I've never experience it. Maybe its still early for me. Oh well , I'll just have to go through more childish and boring relationships to discover the perfect one :D

It was a sad story. The sisters cried :P I didn't la but I was really touched :D

My sister came home. So more downloaded movies for me to watch. Bring it on to the finish. I have always watched bring it on since I was young. HAHA. From the first one till the previous one. Hello , what do you expect ? I was brought up in a house with 4 sisters. HAHA. You should be lucky I didn't turn out gay :D Owh the movie didn't have a cover. So yeah !

Then later at night , watched The Orphan. I know its kinda ketinggalan. But what the hell right ? The important thing is , I got to watch it. Damn ! This movie is sick ! It digs out the anger in me haha. Thank god its just a movie or else , I'll go buy a ticket to the United States and kill that frigging girl with my bare hands ! LOL. So unsatisfying. Was hoping that they turn out to be the lucky family that survives. But sadly , the husband didn't. Watched it from the lap top. Used earphones to really get the feeling of being in the cinema haha. So when its the shocking parts , my body will be like automatically jump up and my sister will be like WTH ? haha. Funny la.

To those of you that haven't watch this movie , take a look at the bitches face. If you see anybody that looks like her , kill them ! HAHA.

The moral of the story is , don't adopt a child unless they're a cute baby. HAHA. My plans of adopting a child after SPM has officially been canceled haha. I shall work hard and get an original RedzaRox Production :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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