Saturday, November 7, 2009


A Social interview question ,
"If you could have lunch with anyone dead or alive, who would it be ? "

My answer :)

Sazzy Falak .

Some how I find her the most attractive Malay girl I've ever seen la.
The sexy husky voice (the first thing that attracts me :D ) , the awesome body figure , the mix features and her awesome sense of fashion.
There was this one time , I was at Curve with my mum. We were eating lunch at this Kopitiam shop and there was a shooting going on. She was there. The whole freaking time eating , I kept staring at her and not at my food LOL. Then I saw her going out for a smoke , so I quickly grabbed my mums ciggies and sat outside . HAHAHAHAHHA. Funny shits la !


Another dream girl of mine haha. Although she doesnt have the "pretty girl" look but her freaking sexy eyes attracts me. I like her coz of the way she thinks. She doesnt want to be the pretty kind of girl which nowadays are just plain dumb ( she can be , but she just didnt want to. Check out her photo up there. Hot hot hot ! :) ) Like what her song says, "I dont wanna be a stupid girl". The sexy sharp eyes , her awesome short hair , the husky voice (again ) , the tattoo's , the piercings , her style and her coolness in doing anything.

The conclusion is , girls with husky voice turns me on ! HAHAH. So if you have a sore throat which makes your voice husky , stay away ! HAHA :D

Marilyn Manson

I freaking admire this dude ! Just look at him! He's a strong believer of Anti Christ ( It doesnt mean that I believe it to . I just admire people who dont care and are strong on what they believe in ). He has a freaking hot wife which loves him for who he is. They dont frigging care what the society thinks of them. From my point of view , thats the proper way to live. His song "Jesus is a friend of mine" and "This is Halloween" is awesome la. What ever it is , he's my idol :P

So whens lunch ? HAHAHAHAHAH

A RedzaRox Production :)

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