Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Gift

Tadika Boy Humor , HAHAHA. Saje je nak kacau Kumaran , the bear without fur :D

Today was good. Woke up at 12 noon. Then bersiap-siap and went library to borrow some books la. Then met up with Chris and Vincent Loo. Lepak-lepak for a while and chawed coz was bored. Onlined for a while , then went for a jog at Taman Jaya. After a long time not exercising and the increase of nicotine intake , I could only brisk walk and not jog. HAHA. Jogged sikit2 je la , then continued walking. So I was walking around the lake , then I realized this dude with a dslr camera taking a picture of me. HAHA. Maybe he likes taking random pictures I guess. Kalo ye pun , tell me first la. I could have gone home and do my hair first LOL :P Since I'm not going school anymore , Ive decided that I must start jogging back again la. Need to lose lots of fats and build stamina. GRRR ! If only I got denggi , then Ill be thin again. HAHA. Just kidding God :D Biar gemuk dan sihat dari kurus macam nak mati. HAHAHA

Heard few stories from Unknown bout this bitchy Unknown. Its sickening la , but what to do. God created different kind of people with different attitudes. Its just that some people were gifted with an attitude of a bitch HAHA. Owh well , just remember. What goes around , comes around. I just have one thing to say , Think you lepak with hot people will make you hot la ? It doesn't work that way babe :P Just try harder la , maybe God might give you a chance and turn the ugly duckling into a swan. HAHA

And thanks for the info. FYI , I never had anything against you before.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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