Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3 am

Blogging is like my fav past time. Since Glee season 1 is over and the latest 90210 episode can only be downloaded next week . Most of my time are occupied by going out or just staying home blogging , facebook-in and just keep repeating tracks from Glee and get all emo LOL.

Its like freaking 3 am and I'm just sitting in front the computer and just listening to Glee music. The series that have won my heart and made me deeply in love with it HAHA. For God's sake , its a freaking TV show ! I need to get a grip ! =_=

Since I have nothing to blog bout , I'll just come up with something random lor. Woke up in the morning and got a text message from Kakit saying that he just watched My Sisters Keeper. The movie I told you guys bout in the past post of mine. See ! I told you ! Its so damn awesome. It makes a person appreciate life more. I often cry when it comes to reality , but when I watch sad emo movies , I do. I don't know why , but I really love getting all emotional Since I'm happy go lucky when I'm with friends . Need to make sometime for myself to get emo HAHA.

Darn I'm bored. I think I should try hafal all the Glee songs . Season 2 ! Cepat la. It feels like not having a cigarette after eating =_=

Night night !

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