Thursday, December 10, 2009

As I mentioned , between Addmaths and Biology paper , watched like almost 7 movies. Here are the few that is like a must to talk about :D

New Moon.

New Moon was freaking awesome :D Its like much better then twilight la. Well , since the WHOLE WORLD is a HUGE FAN of the movie , theres nothing much to talk about. Just a lil summary , Bella's a bitch and the wolves are friggin cool ! After the movie , me and Kakit kept commenting each other on facebook using lines from the movie HAHA. Mcm bodo je ! But it was fun weyh !

My fav line in the movie ,
Bella run ! ROAR ROAR ! :DD

My Sister's Keeper.

This movie is so damn touching. Yes I cried like shit. Think I cried worse then the time I just got out from my mums stomach LOL. HAHA. Was watching in my room with the laptop while my sisters were watching 2012 on the computer (2012 suck weyh ! the effects je nice , but the story line is so cliche HAHA) . So I use my comforter and did like sum khemah so I'll get the cinema feeling. After watching the movie , I realize the comforter was like the thing I use to cover up when I was crying LOL. Damn sad weyh the movie. Its bout the girl that has cancer. Then the whole family like sacrifice a lot just to keep her alive. If you're sad and you feel like crying , just watch it :D Everybody in my family watched it alone so that they'll cry alone LOL. That day I was sleeping , then I like tibe2 woke up at 3 sumthin am. Then when I came out of my room , I saw my sister watching it with her watery eyes HAHA.

Everytime when I see the girl , I feel so sad. I kept thinking what would I do if I was in her position. Definitely , I would do the same as her . Just die fast so I wont burden other people. Just a random suggestion , if I get cancer in the future , please dont waste money to send me to the hospital but waste money to bring me places where I havent been to. I would rather just die at home with the people I love then in a hospital with ladies that I dont know in white uniforms.

A mothers sacrifice just to make their child comfortable going out.

I Love You Beth Cooper.

I love this movie ! Its like a dream come true for all the nerds in the world haha. Omg Hayden is so hot. I love her face and her body weyh ! The not too thin and not too fat :D This movie is darn sweet . Its like letting people know that nothing is impossible. Anything can happen , if you take a chance ( okay , this line i took it from high school musical HAHA).

Like so sweet. I always get jealous when I look at 2 people that are deeply in love. But like what I told Ka kit , its just not for me NOW. Maybe later in the future at the right time :)

And since Astro kept showing Twilight and High School Musical 3. I have been watching it day after day HAHA.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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