Saturday, December 26, 2009

Don't Stop Believing.

Today was indeed another day of staying home. Went for my usual friday prayers since it has been a while since I went to the mosque hehe. After that , went back home and just read through my blog from the first post till the latest post HAHA. What to do , was so bored. Then went Carrefour with my dad for grocery shopping. But decided to walk around in Subang Parade first. Felt so weird coz there wasnt much people at malls and other places. Everybody's busy celebrating Christmas I guess. Damn , their Christmas decorations at Subang Parade are so much better compared to all those big big malls. Its like big boxes with different environments in it. Gempak bai !

After Subang Parade , then headed to Carrefour. So I was buying a cable for the TV . Then I paid the lady and she just gave the cable like that without a plastic bag. So I asked her la "Kak , ade plastic tak ? ". Then she gave me like this bitchy face and opened the plastic with force nak show like shes angry la. Then I was like WTF ?! So I grabbed the plastic like kuat2 from her and shouted "Retard !" but dont think she understand la. Like duh ! Shes working at Carrefour HAHA. Then I like turned back la to see her expression and her face was all red and angry and at that point , my heart was happy and satisfied LOL. Its so annoying weyh , if wanna work then do it properly la. Pull her tudung later baru tau :P

Got back home and just walked around the house. Watched Christmas movie after Christmas movie. Was so bored and decided to watch Harry Potter LOL. At first , everybody was watching it with me , then they ditched and did their own stuff. So off-ed the dvd player and am currently watching You Got Served instead . So I can learn more on how to shake my booty HAHA.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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