Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Damn , have been going out every single day and night till haven't got enough sleep. So have decided to make today a stay home day.

Agenda for the past few days,

-Fetched Farah at school from district conference ( everybody at FaceBook kept saying I'm back I'm back ! =_= Get a grip of yourself ! HAHA :P)

-Went to Azrina's BBQ. Was fun la although the charcoal didn't work out LOL.

-Went back home with Zulpalie pasta pimple face :P

-Was fun talking bout our life and stuff. Slept at freaking 6am =_=

-Kumahai fetched us and headed to MidValley. Wasted like freaking 1 hour and a half searching for parking. When I decided to sleep and let Kumz find himself a parking lot , I suddenly saw a dude going out. Finally got a parking right in front of the lift. Thanks to my awesome vision and most importantly God :D HAHAH.

-Bored at Mid then went back to Kumahai's place. 4 Boxes of pizza for 3 ! Fucking full. Felt as if I was pregnant. Was hoping for a baby boy but it just turned out to be normal waste product =_= HAHA.

-Sent Palie pasta pimple face home. Freaking scary area ! Met his mum (the hottest lady at Pantai Dalam :D , but shes already taken by Kumahai HAHA). Waited for palie to get ready and went back to Kumahai's place since he had chores to do.

-Picked up gang gang OUG. Funny Convo with Mun Fai

me Mun Fai

( On the phone to tell him we're already at his place. Using Kumahai's number. )

Hello , kami udah sampai ( indon slang )
(Hanged ) Ummm hello ?
Kami udah sampai !
UMMMM (awkward silence ) ( scared edi )
Kami udah sampai !
Umm hello ?
HAHAHAHA we already here la !
haha cepat la
Owhh kk.

Mun Fai ! Your so friggin dumb ! HAHA.
He actually thought Kumahai's phone kene curi by sum rempit and would wanna call him HAHAHA. Macam tak biasa je dengar me with my slang Indon in class tsk tsk tsk :P

-Headed to AC. Foosed foosed foosed. Was already half dead.

-ABC after that as usual.

-Back to Kumahai's place and dozed OFF.

-Woke up like so late . Went back home. An it was officially stay home day for me :)

Yay yay ! Tonight got Desperate housewives , Biggest Loser Asia and Giuliana and Bill ! :DD

I support Kevin ! He's freaking cute ! Feel like hugging him weyh ! LOL.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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