Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Feel This


Woke up late and got few messages from Aaron saying , going not ? Please reply ! HAHAHAHA. So cepat2 mandi and headed to MidValley. Lepaked at Gardens and talked and talked bout the one memorable night LOL. I find it so funny when we look back at the past. Stupidest moments weyh. When I watched the video , couldn't believe it was me HAHA.

Then as usual Brewball after that. Played , played and played sampai my hands couldn't take it anymore. Nyorok2 tgk Marcus working at GSC LOL. Bumped into Kamal ( Rindu sial budak nie !) ,
Mijie and Anak Azmi came later. Walked around and waited for Dhiren and Aaron to come out from the cinema. Then felt tired like shit and missed my opportunity to go Breakers and watch the number 1 Foosball player in Malaysia play -_- Damn ! Its ok la , there is always next time. Went back home and slept ! Freaking sleepy ! Had a goodnight sleep.

A RedzaRox Production :D

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