Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Do you guys watch Glee ? If you don't , then you should ! Its like so chun la. Its like a musical kinda series. Best babi ! :D
Its something like High School Musical . Kinda cliche ah . The popular kids like really love singing but they want to maintain their reputation in school and stuff la. I just love watching it. Makes me smile all the time LOL.

Was shocked when Farah told me that all the songs they sang were their real voice. Amazed amazed !

Some of them are performers on Broadway.

They make some songs addictive.

After being so into Glee , every morning when I wake up , I always wish that I have an awesome voice LOL. Its like the life that I dream for. Being on a stage as a performer :D

Owh owh owh , 90210 is getting better and better ! They're all back together as friends. Naomi's sister finally got fucked out. Stupid Annie finally believed her friends that Jasper is a drug dealer. Liam and Naomi are finally together. The annoying part , Dixon macam babi tibe2 like Silver again when he knows that Teddy likes her =_= Cant wait for the next episode to be downloaded :D

Stay tune ! xoxo GleeeeTwoOneO

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