Thursday, December 24, 2009



Woke up kinda early. Didn't do much. Just went to Subang Medical Center to visit my aunt and picked up her car. Lepaked at the hospital for quite sometime la. Then went back and stoned. I felt sleepy the whole day but every time I tried closing my eyes , I still couldn't sleep. Babi betul !

PMR results came out today ! Congrats to those who did well aite. See ! I baru doa for you yesterday then you dapat straight A's :P HAHA. UPSR , PMR are all settled . Now its our turn. Just wait for it :D HAHA.

Since I'm dead bored at home , discovered a new hobby to past my time. Transfered every single emo song into my phone , plug in the ear phone , put the volume to the max, smoke cigarette after cigarette and just lay on bed looking at the ceiling pretending I'm high :D Its so relaxing ! I'm serious. Since I have nothing else to say , I shall get back to my new hobby.

A RedzaRox Production :D

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