Friday, December 18, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

WOW ! A word to describe prom night. It was at Legend Hotel, last night. Booked a room at Seri Pacific , a hotel opposite Legend. The prom was all good at the beginning but towards the end , everybody ditched the performers and start taking pictures LOL. Pity the performers that performed after those sexy divas with awesome fake boobs (I want them boobies ! HAHA ). It looks so freaking real ! :D

Nominated for prom king. Like awwwww :D The game was seriously sick weyh ! Such a bad day to wear skinnies -_- Thanks to my big huge ass , the ping pong ball got stuck in between my ass HAHA.

Thank you for voting guys ! Couldnt have done it without your support :D And my parents who gave me money to buy the clothes and accessories to make my outfit outstanding.

Well , the award was a good way to end my high school life. Now , the scary part. RESULTS -_- Nahh , dont wanna think bout it now.

After prom was freaking funneyyyyhhhhhh ! Thanks to Aaron and Dhiren , no one died LOL. Sorry gile babi to Kumaran weyh HAHA. It was so not me. And Mun Fai ! Kite gang ! Bunuh Jon ! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Yew Wing , you'll get Jon some other time HAHA. Damn , was one hell of a night. Really had fun . Even though there were a few retards that kept giving me stares , like what Mun Fai and Gomez always say , tidur je la HAHA.

I'll update more in another post. Need to continue my sleep. Owh , pictures havent been uploaded . Ill try getting as much pictures from Facebook. Those with pictures , upload them and let me know aite :D

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