Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here I am


Woke up kinda early to give my hugs and kisses to my father who's leaving for Johore to continue working )= Then got ready and headed to Maxwell since Aaron felt like dancing. It was only the four of us which were me , Aaron , Kishan and Jon. Danced , stoned and danced HAHA. I don't know why , but I feel so damn sleepy nowadays. No matter how many sticks have been sucked in to blacken my lungs , the sleepy feeling still wouldn't go away. Was joined by Nicole since she had her piano lesson. Did some awesome shits weyh ! HAHA.

Panas gile and decided to have a dip in the pool. Went for a swim. Sotong dan panjang pun berenang juga LOL LOL ! Lepaked , chit chat and chowed home. Followed my mum to send my sisters here and there and finally got to make time for my blog :D I'm so sweet rite ? Tell me bout it HAHAHAHAH .

A RedzaRox Production :)

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