Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Im going home

Hello kawan2 ! :D

I'm like so tired to blog everyday nowadays. So here's like a recap of my past few days.

Family BBQ. ( Saturday)

Had a family BBQ since my mum like so bersemangat . Was fun la burning this and that and gain lots and lots of cholesterol :D

The BBQ grill that haven't been touched for years and its finally being used HAHA .

Had smores for desert. Yummeyh ! Its basically melted marshmallows with chips more.

Burnt marshmallow :D

Didn't take much pictures of myself la. Coz was busy burning and cooking. So yeah :)

For the past few days , have been spending quite some time at AC . Its a way for me to burn money real fast haha.

me Mun Fai

(Going down with Kumz to eat )
Where you going ?
(Thinking of the frigging chinese word to shout at him)
Puyau li kai wo !
HAHAHAHHA. Shit was just about to say that.

Since I'm so bored when I'm at home , its like a must for me to at least watch one movie to past time. Anybody with DVD's of new movies ? Nak pinjam ! haha.
New years eve is coming up , any plans ? :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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