Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let by gones be by gones

Since school is already over , let me bring you to the history of my school life.

Went to Tadika Assunta when I was 4 years old . I cant remember much from those years . All I remembered , was that I had long curly hair and always got smacked for doing cart wheels for no reason HAHA.

From standard 1 to standard 6 , I went to Sekolah Rendah La Salle. Those were like the worst years of my life. It was like a freaking torture place la. Even a small mistake , you'll get punished. I felt so stupid because I was all young and didn't have the guts to stand up for myself. I remember there was this one time , we had like a quiz comp in our class. I was like in standard 4 or 5. Then my team won , so I like screamed la cheering and all. Then the fucking retarded teacher that don't even know how to speak English with his ugly janggut slapped my face like freaking hard. Then I hanged like shit . I just sat there with my red face looking down almost crying. After that , he just continued teaching like nothing happened. My dad once told me , if anybody touches you just let him know. But at that time , was too childish to think of the right thing to do. The only thing on my mind was that I didn't want my dad to cause kecoh in school , knowing my dad with his temper. We get slapped for giving wrong answers , for not doing our homework and other stupid stuff. It was all so stupid. But in a way , it has helped me to overcome pain in life and to fight back for my rights . So teacher ,would you wanna slap me today? :D

Secondary school then begins. Form 1 to 5 in Sekolah Menengah La Salle. Was much better compared to primary school. At first it was weird la , getting to know new people from other primary schools. But I'm glad I did :D Secondary was freaking awesome . I had fun every single day and I'm still not satisfied. Its something that I just cant describe. Of course there were ups and down , but I don't regret going through all those stuff. Form 1 to 3 , I was hated by the Malays. I just don't get it. They said its because I speak English and don't hang out with Malay people. One word they would describe me is BUDGET. Like WTF ? At that time , I actually tried to fit in with them. Just wanted to know how it feels hanging out with people of the same race as me. But now I dont really care whether they accept me or not. Its not worth changing myself just to satisfy them. Looking at the bright side , I have quite alot of malay friends now compared to primary school haha. That's why, don't judge the frigging book by its cover . Form 3 to 5 , I'm already 1 Malaysia HAHAHA. Well , there are still some retards yg tak puas la. Too bad la , I wasn't born to satisfy them low class people. Sorry :P

I know I once said that I cant wait to leave school , YES. In terms of all the studying , stupid lifeless Malay boys that have always had a thing against me and the annoying teachers that will always find fault in me. But now when its time to leave school , I just don't want to. I don't want to leave the friends that I've made , the classroom environment, laughing loudly and screaming in class, disturbing teachers , watching our teacher kiss a dead lizzard and many more la HAHA.

A random question , will we still be hanging out together when we're in different colleges with new groups of friends ? :D

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