Saturday, December 19, 2009

Maiden Voyage

Pictures pictures , Enjoy humans ! :D

Aaron and Mun Fai :D

Before leaving :D

Bernie :D

Shalinee Rawi Chandar :D

Sharon Rawi Chandar :D
Funny convo ,

Me Sharon
How you going back ?
Dhiren sending.
Owh , so lucky kan you. Dapat BF like that.
Thats not my BF la !

Damn , still cant tell the difference HAHA.

Neoh Ka Kit. Its officially aite ? Happy for you :)

Termizi aka Mijie and Uvendran , the two other nominees :D

Myra Atiqah. Back off , she's Putra's :P

Anak Agusli and Azmi :D

Natalie Loo :D

Dhiren , Kumaran , Carrie and Jon :D

Azrina Rahim :D

Hanisah RJ :D

Anysa Hamid , my so called prom date HAHA jk jk :D

Prom Queen and King Nominees :D

And the winner goes to jeng jeng jeng. (:

I still want more pictures =___=

A RedzaRox Production :)

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