Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa's coming !

Finally ! Prom outfit is settled. Don't expect much la , coz Ive decided to just make it simple. Am excited ! :DD First went to Amcorp to buy some stuff for my mum. Then we tibe2 decided to head to MidValley after that since Putra told me he bought his shirt there. Walked round and round looking for the perfect shirt. When we decided to give up and head to another place , tibe2 I looked behind there was like this few kemeja hanging . Its like a sign from god LOL. Tried it on , then kecing kecing and bought it HAHA.

The Christmas decorations at Mid was nice. Went there and took a few pictures. Then there were this two chinese girls yang wanted to take pictures at the same place as we were, had to wait like so long HAHA. Obviously after taking a picture you will want to see how you look and all. Then IF my face looks like shit , its like a must to take again and the girl was already posing at our place and had to move away LOL. Thats why Aaron , dont leave your sisters alone at a mall like that HAHA. Bought like a bunch of sushi due to our temptations :D Didnt want to stay long before a huge whole have been punched into our wallets. So chowed early la . Pictures ! Enjoy :D

Looking towards the left wasnt my plan. Was actually suppose to pose like the picture down here. But some inconsiderate idiot kept walking infront us. So I was like looking at them la but my mouth was still smiling HAHA :D

Finally , the right pose :D


In the morning , went to Negeri Sembilan for my uncle's son's wedding. The food was good. I was so sleepy the whole time. Slept in the car on the way there and on the way back HAHA. Was the only child through the whole wedding coz my sisters ditched me and slept at home HAHA. When we reached PJ , my parents tibe2 ajak go Sunway to shop. Its like an opportunity to grab :D Excited la , dapat buy new things without worrying bout the price LOL. Everybody got what they wanted. Then walked around and saw like lots of sushi on sale. Again bought freaking lots of sushi HAHA. My family tibe2 become like some Jepun family LOL.

P/s : Weyh Alan Ong , please don't tiru this blog tau :P

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