Thursday, December 24, 2009


Wednesday .

Such a fun day. Went out with Farah and Priy as I promised them. Miss hanging out with these two people. We decided to make it a day for us to practice our unique vocals LOL. Went to RedBox Pavilion at first , but since all rooms were occupied and the lady there was being bitchy , we took a cab from KL all the way to MidValley HAHA (Wasting money gile babi ! So whose the smart one yg nak sgt go KL ? :P ). Coz our main plan was to go karaoke. So it's a must for us and ain't no shits gonna stop us :D Overall , it was really really fun :D We sang our lungs out till we had no more voice. The food was awesome. We ate glutton-ly at the 'eat all you want' buffet. Yummeyh !

After pretending like rockstars , met up with Palie and Ben at Brewball. Anak Azmi came later. Then chawed after a long day. Priy slept over since we're like her second family HAHA. Chit chat-ed , makan , onlined , camwhored and chess- ed (LOL !).

Working it HAHA :D

Solo :D

Duet with Farah :D

Duet with Priy :D
Suara kuat gile babi LOL :P

All I can say is thank you so much Priyankka ! I owe you big time ! :DD

A RedzaRox Production :)

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